Have Some Fun Buying Your New Home


Let’s have some fun shopping for your new home.

That’s the message we have for our clients. Finding your next home should be fun and enjoyable. You’re moving into a new place and you get to choose which place that will be. Think about that for a minute. You’ll meet new people, get a new outlook on your life, and you’ll probably be moving into a home more suitable for your lifestyle, or buying your very first home.

That’s exciting, yet many people miss the fun because they can’t get into the right frame of mind for it.

Financing, inspections, appraisals, and the pressures and anxiety associated with relocating can weigh down your spirit. And that’s why it’s so important to work with an agent who can take the burden out of the buying process and allow you to enjoy it.

Having the right buyer’s agent means having someone there to help search for homes and show you homes you’re going to want to see. Most buyers are searching on-line now, but a good buyer’s agent knows the market and knows the right areas and homes that are going to fit your wants and needs. It’s a different experience driving all over looking at everything you can find, and having someone schedule and only show you through the homes that you’ll want to see. It’s not about wasting time- it’s about the experience.


Would you rather take two weeks seeing fifty homes that aren’t what you want and five that are, or would you rather spend an afternoon just seeing the five that are what you want? Actually wasting all that time going through those other homes can be very frustrating and drain the excitement from your search. If you spend thirty minutes walking through each home and driving to the next- seeing fifty homes means wasting twenty five hours of time being frustrated.

You don’t need to see fifty homes to find the right one.


Having a great experience also means having an agent that is going to negotiate price and terms that are good for you, ensuring your investment is prudent, and that you win the deal. It means having an agent that handles the workload for you, scheduling inspections and appraisals and negotiating all the issues that arise from them. It means coordinating the transaction all the way closing so that you can enjoy yourself and the process. And it means having a single point of contact before, during, and after the sale where you can get answers to your questions and information.

Buying a home should be an exciting experience. You should be able to have some fun with it and not have to worry about the details. Let someone help you with your relocation and educate you about different areas and schools and the feel of different neighborhoods and cities.

Think of all the things you’re going to enjoy about your new space and all the memories you’ll make in your new home. Imagine reading in your new sitting room, or cooking in your new kitchen. Think of having friends and family relaxing and sharing conversation in your new family room. Have some fun with your search and work with an agent who will work for you and make the process more enjoyable so you can be excited and have some enthusiasm for your yet-to-be-discovered new home.


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