Help Wanted

Coldwell Banker agent Dian Hymer needs some help. She is suffering from cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant. According to InMan, an initial run of the National Marrow Donor Program registry showed no matches. I don’t know Dian, but I do know that somewhere out there is someone who can help. You may be a match. Registering for the program is simple- register now.   Continue reading Help Wanted

My Thanksgiving Feast

           (originally posted Nov.22, 2006)  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s all about family and friends and just being thankful for everything that we have. I don’t really care about the pilgrims and indians or any of that- for me it’s simply a time to take pause and remember our blessings. Most holidays have become so commercialized they’ve taken on new meanings for people. I like all of the holidays, but Thanksgiving is just special. Christmas becomes about the gifts and the tree, Easter is about the hunt or the dress or the basket of goodies, Halloween is … Continue reading My Thanksgiving Feast

Spring Cleaning Checklist

  Ahh, the air is crisp and the birds are singing outside. The sunlight is getting warmer, clothing is getting lighter, and nature comes out of it’s hibernation. What a great time of year…  If you’re planning on doing a good deep-clean on your home, here is a checklist and reminder list for you. Kitchen -Refrigerator, throw away outdated food, clean shelves and drawers, pull it out and get behind it, vacuum grill and coil -Cabinets- take dishes and pans out, clean shelves and doors, reorganize to make best use of space -Run the dishwasher empty, with vinegar or baking soda … Continue reading Spring Cleaning Checklist

Happy Love Day

      What a wonderful day to take inventory of all the love we are surrounded with. Some people look at Valentine’s Day as a superfluous holiday, not to be confused with the real holidays. Well, when you are truly in love, this is a great day. Not only is this a perfect excuse to pamper your precious other, but it’s fun to see the kids make their little Valentine boxes for school where they can give and receive little notes from everyone in the class, with candy, of course.         So, what to get that special someone for Valentine’s … Continue reading Happy Love Day

Acheiving Success

  “You’ve achieved success in your field when you don’t know whether what you’re doing is work or play.” – Warren Beatty Ah, Success! We all want it- countless books are written about it, companies strive for it, athletes push their bodies to exhaustion and celebrities go days without eating for it, yet most people have no idea what it truly is.  What does it mean to be successful? The question, of course, does not have a correct answer because the answer is different depending on who you ask. But most many people do not know what success is to them. … Continue reading Acheiving Success