The Paradox of Choice in Real Estate

  Typically, when I am working with buyer clients we begin by looking at a home or two or three. While walking through the properties I will ask them what they think of them and what they like or don’t like about them. I’m trying to get an idea of what they actually like. Not what they say they like or think they will like, but what they do like. The spaces they enjoy being in, the styles that appeal to them, the features of a property that make their eyes widen and causes them to talk a little faster … Continue reading The Paradox of Choice in Real Estate

Need help writing good real estate ads and copy? Real Estate Copy Rocket is here to help!

Writing compelling ads and copy is a vital part of selling homes and any Realtor worth their salt will make an effort to market their properties with as much gusto and creativity as possible. It sets them apart and gives their clients an advantage. You can see when you read the descriptions of properties whether or not an agent is really doing their best to promote their clients listing. You can tell if they just slap a few sentences together or do a feature dump of the property. You can also tell when an agent has thought out their remarks … Continue reading Need help writing good real estate ads and copy? Real Estate Copy Rocket is here to help!

How to Fill Out an Online Form

For years my real estate team has closed a lot of transactions from home buyers and sellers we met through our websites. And now, also owning a company that builds websites for real estate brokerages and now hosting over 13,000 real estate websites I’ve noticed that a lot of home buyers seem to have a real challenge filling out forms when they want an agent to contact them. Many online forms have pre-populated comments to give the home buyer an example of what to ask/say to the agent. These is very generic text that basically just says something like, “I … Continue reading How to Fill Out an Online Form

Why Tech-Savvy People make the Best Realtors

How do you choose a good Realtor? After all, it seems like you could pick a name out of a hat or use a referral from a friend and your experience will be relatively the same across the board, right? Wrong. If you’re serious about buying or selling in this market, you need a Realtor with a bit more clout. One that has a leg up on the competition.  And the best person for this job is a tech-savvy realtor. What does tech-savvy mean exactly? It can mean a variety of things. However, there are a few tried and true … Continue reading Why Tech-Savvy People make the Best Realtors

You’re Not Just Buying a House, You’re Buying a Neighborhood

Everyone is familiar with the cliché that the only thing that matters in real estate is location. As you browse through local real estate listings though, it may be difficult to consider what the practical application of that advice actually is. Put simply, when you purchase your home you are buying into the neighborhood it is located in. Consider these tips for making a successful move into a new neighborhood. Ask Questions Ask questions about any neighborhood that is home to your potential new housing. Is it on the way up? Are there good schools? Are there active neighborhood organizations? … Continue reading You’re Not Just Buying a House, You’re Buying a Neighborhood

Improving Localized Marketing: Simple Suggestions to Improve a Local Profile

With a number of companies looking to build their total marketing profiles online these days, many businesses seemingly hit the wrong target points. For small businesses and restaurants, a failure to focus on some local marketing techniques can also lead to a failure to experience full potential and returns on business development and technology efforts. Engaging in social media efforts are a must for any business trying to improve its digital footprint these days, but even more so for those trying to improve their local footprint. With localization of social media efforts, it’s always crucial to have a profile that’s … Continue reading Improving Localized Marketing: Simple Suggestions to Improve a Local Profile

Most Active Online Home Shoppers

The real estate industry has reluctantly been pulled online during the last three years and today most agents and brokers know that people are searching for homes online. Hopefully this will be the year that brokerages start building great websites- and hopefully they will hire a great website design company like BlueRoof360 to do it. But which areas are people most actively looking online for homes? Using Google Trends we can see which states and cities are the most active searching for different terms. Let’s look and see where people are really looking online… For the term “homes for sale” … Continue reading Most Active Online Home Shoppers

Healthiest US Cities For Women, Men

MSN just released a report, in conjunction with Men’s Health, naming the healthiest cities in America for women and men. From MSN; To compile our first annual survey of America’s Best & Worst Cities for Women, we joined forces with Men’s Health to analyze how 100 U.S. metropolises stack up when it comes to health, fitness, and quality of life. (Check out this month’s issue of Men’s Health to find out whether your city is guy-friendly, too.) Our number-crunching team tallied 38 factors, including cancer rates, commute times, air quality, and the number of residents who swipe their gym passes … Continue reading Healthiest US Cities For Women, Men

New BlueRoof Website Includes Phoenix and Denver Markets

Since BlueRoof first launched three years ago we have accomplished a lot- we’ve been voted “Best Real Estate Website” three years in a row, we’ve won the W3 Award (Silver in 2007, Gold in 2008 ) for Best Homepage, Visual Appeal and Navigation, we’ve sold hundreds of homes/year with only a few people, and we’ve built a strong brand in the Utah market with very devoted clients. And although I have been offered (over two dozen times) to expand into new markets, I haven’t. Don’t get me wrong, the plan has always been to grow, but so far I have … Continue reading New BlueRoof Website Includes Phoenix and Denver Markets

The Most Digital Cities in the Country

Government Technology released this month its annual Digital Cities report naming the cities in the nation that are the most “connected” to the populace. Some familiar cities made the list again this year (Aurora, Colorado and Lincoln, Nebraska both topped their categories last year as well.) The first-place winners in each of the four population categories are: • Aurora, Colo. (250,000 or more population) • Lincoln, Neb. (125,000 – 249,999 population) • Roanoke, Va. (75,000 – 124,999 population) • Lynchburg, Va. (30,000 – 74,999 population) Tuscan and Mesa, Arizona both made the top ten in the 250,000+ category and Salt … Continue reading The Most Digital Cities in the Country

Top Ten Healthiest States

Vermont is the healthiest state in the nation for the second straight year, according to MSN. According to the report, Vermont scores high with these stats;   Prevalence of Obesity (percent of population): 6 Air Pollution (micrograms of fine particles per cubic meter): 10 Lack of Health Insurance (percent without health insurance): 10 Immunization Coverage (percent of children ages 19 to 35 months): 29 Primary Care Physicians (number per 100,000 population): 5 Poor Mental Health Days (days in previous 30 days): 14 Cardiovascular Deaths (deaths per 100,000 population): 10 Cancer Deaths (deaths per 100,000 population): 13   The rest of … Continue reading Top Ten Healthiest States

2008 Election- Obama/McCain Proposed Policies Explained in Plain English

BusinessWeek published a really great non-partisan article that clearly explains the differences in the two candidates proposed policies. Whether or not you are decided, and especially if you haven’t yet decided, this is simple guide to the man who will soon be our next president… From the article; Where the Candidates Stand As Nov. 4 draws near, many Americans are still undecided about for whom they will cast their vote. While many elections in recent memory have been close, none seems to be quite so momentous. Not only because of the historic implications of electing either the nation’s first black President … Continue reading 2008 Election- Obama/McCain Proposed Policies Explained in Plain English

The Most Important Stat to Track on my Website

There are a lot of statistics for me to follow with my website, Some things are interesting to watch (what states people are visiting my site from, what web browsers they use, etc.) and every stat has some value (where to spend marketing, which browsers to optimize my site for, etc) but some stats are more significant for me to watch than others. There are some stats I watch more than others. Here are the things I check daily: Overall Traffic (and compare to the following Day, Week, Month) Unique Visitors (and compare to averages and following Day, Week, Month) Average Time on … Continue reading The Most Important Stat to Track on my Website

BlueRoof360- Industry Best Realtor Websites, Lead and Client Management

Custom Websites for the price of a template… In 2007 we closed 114 homes because of our website. Last year, in 2008, we closed just under 100 without me selling (my buyer team agents did the selling). While the majority of real estate agents were seeing their businesses slow down significantly and the overall market lose energy, our business has stayed, and is still staying, very consistent. You may not even want to be a top-producing agent, but I’m sure you wouldn’t mind an extra sale or two each month.  Technology does not take the place of personality and personal contact … Continue reading BlueRoof360- Industry Best Realtor Websites, Lead and Client Management

Utah Liquor Laws- Oh, My My My…

  The LDS fanatics state legislature has decided to “simplify” the incredibly ridiculous Utah state liquor laws again. Will this stupid and absurd “musical chairs” of liquor law rule-swapping ever stop? Under the new rules, the limit to how much alcohol that can be poured into a drink has been increased from 1 once to 1.5 ounces. That’s the only sane part. But, now you can no longer order a “sidecar”, or an additional shot of that alcohol that we locals have been forced to order so we can “spike” our drinks and give them a normal ratio of alcohol. You … Continue reading Utah Liquor Laws- Oh, My My My…

The Carnival of Real Estate

  Welcome to the 81st Edition of the Carnival of Real Estate! Step right up and get ready for a wonderland of writing styles and topics. Reading through the entries I was reminded of the last time I hosted the Carnival back in September 2006, and how much blogging has grown, especially in the real estate industry, since then. Five years ago when I started blogging nobody read my blog and I didn’t read anybody else’s. Today blogging has become a legitimate, and important, means of communicating between large spectrums of people. The Winner’s Circle for this Carnival includes four well-written … Continue reading The Carnival of Real Estate

Top State Governments

  The PEW Center on the States has released it’s report grading all the states on how well their governments work and accomplish goals and objectives. They look at a lot of factors, including; • Elected officials, the state budget office and agency personnel have appropriate data on the relationship between costs and performance and use these data when making resource-allocation decisions. • Agency managers have the appropriate information required to make program management decisions.• The governor and agency managers have appropriate data that enable them to assess the actual performance of policies and programs.• The public has appropriate access … Continue reading Top State Governments

Top Ten States for Jobs

  Yesterday MSN released a list of the Best and Worst states for jobs based on unemployment figures, and they offer the “mean” wage of each state. Mean wage is a term meaning that half the jobs pay more and half pay less. Here are the top fifteen states; 1. South Dakota Unemployment rate: 3 percent Population: 796,214 Mean annual wage: $30,460 Top industry: Trade, transportation and utilities (19.9 percent) 2. Idaho Unemployment rate: 3 percent Population: 1,499,402 Mean annual wage: $34,810 Top industry: Trade, transportation and utilities (20.2 percent) 3. Wyoming Unemployment rate: 3.1 percent Population: 522,830 Mean annual … Continue reading Top Ten States for Jobs

America’s Top Ten Lustful Cities

  Forbes has come out with another social list- this time called America’s Most Lustful Cities. Salt Lake City ties with Boise for fifth place, yet the list is not actually a list of the most lustful, it’s a list of the cities with the highest per-capita condom sales. To say that condom sales indicates lustfulness is not only irresponsible, but really dumb. Most condoms are sold to married couples or other monogamous people in relationships. And to think that Denver ranked #1  and Vegas isn’t even on the list makes the whole thing a bit difficult to believe. I’ve lived outside … Continue reading America’s Top Ten Lustful Cities

Companies That Need to Be Founded

  I’m in the middle of launching my own new company, but if I had the time and the know-how here are some companies I would love to start. And maybe someone out there will someday… A social network that is much better. A place that has more features than Linked-In (which has none), and is much easier to use than Facebook (Can they make it any more difficult to simply send a message?), but that is more grown-up than MySpace. I’m talking about a social network where I could go to and keep up with people, chat, share photos, etc. And … Continue reading Companies That Need to Be Founded

Trulia- Tech Guys in Realtor’s Clothing

The real estate industry has been in a major state of flux for two years now, with new technology and innovation entering the market constantly. It’s truly an exciting time to be in this industry. Some of the technology has really benefited the consumer and real estate agents alike. Many agents are becoming much more efficient and are offering much better service than ever before. Some technology (virtual tours, online fax) has become so common and accepted that many would not want to think of working without it. One of the areas that has seen major growth is in the third-party, tech-guy’s … Continue reading Trulia- Tech Guys in Realtor’s Clothing

Inman Connect NYC, 2008

  Most of the attendees to Inman Connect are owners, corporate people, or start-ups in the real estate industry- not many Realtors attend. It’s a fantastic way to teach, learn and network from those who are pushing the industry into the future. And there are some great conversations floating around in the halls between sessions. With normal company or Board of Realtor Association conventions much of the conversation is, “How do you get your business?” or “What do you think of the market?” At the Connect event there are so many technology companies and owners of brokerages that the conversations … Continue reading Inman Connect NYC, 2008

Google Search Secrets by Sellsius

  Sellsius gives us a fantastic list of Google Search Secrets that expose some really cool tools found inside our favorite search engine. A few of the secrets; Find similar terms with the tilde (~): ~cheap homes. You get auctions, foreclosures, etc. Use the wildcard star (*) if you don’t know the missing word: a man’s home is his *. Get a list of definitions with “define:” define:foreclosure. Use Google as a calculator (good for figuring a commission): 548,000 x 6%. To search a term in a particular blog or website use “site:”. Useful if a website or blog doesn’t … Continue reading Google Search Secrets by Sellsius

BlueRoof on HouseHunters This Week

  Trisha, my wife and business partner will be featured on HGTV’s HouseHunters later this week. She’s the only Utah Realtor to ever be on the show, and most certainly the most beautiful to ever appear on network television. The show is titled, “To Be or Not to B&B” From the HGTV website, “In Salt Lake City, a young couple searches for a place to hang their hats and their shingle.” Shows times are: €     December 20, 2007 10:00 PM ET/PT €     December 21, 2007 2:00 AM ET/PT €     December 22, 2007 5:30 PM Mountain Time Continue reading BlueRoof on HouseHunters This Week

Most “Vain” Cities in the Nation

  Those guys at Forbes, they really do know how to pick ’em. They just released their list of the Top Ten Most Vain cities in the country, based mostly on the number of plastic surgeons per capita. Apparently, over 11,000,000 cosmetic procedures were performed in the US in 2006, a 48% increase over the previous year. From the article, “As the number of cosmetic procedures nationwide continues to surge, we looked at which cities have most embraced market demand for taut faces, lush lips and flat abs. There were predictable entries like New York, Miami and Los Angeles, but … Continue reading Most “Vain” Cities in the Nation

The Six-Word Story

  Came across this really cool post about Steve Jones, a teacher at the North Carolina School of Science and Math, and his assignment to his students. The assignment: to write a compelling, six-word story. As the legend goes, Ernest Hemingway once did this—some say he wrote it to settle a tab, while others think it was a bet. His story: “For sale: baby shoes, never used.” He claims it was the best writing of his life. Here are some of mine… Hello… (heart beats fast)…I’m sorry. Never again! Unless… well, maybe someday Get in, sit down, hang on… Here … Continue reading The Six-Word Story

Why Do People Move?

  According to the 2006 Census Bureau American Housing Survey, more than 19.3 million Americans moved last year. 3,051,000 moved to establish their own residence (1.2 million changed from renter to owner) 2,869,000 needed a bigger place 2,308,000 moved for a new job or job transfer 2,330,000 wanted to be closer to work or school 2,792,000 wanted a better place 476,000 moved because they got married 588,000 moved because they got divorced 53% had their expenses go up when they moved 23% had their expenses go down 24% stayed the same 5,335,000 say they chose the neighborhood based on it’s convenience to work 4,375,000 chose the neighborhood because it … Continue reading Why Do People Move?

Healthiest States in the Nation

  According to a report launched today by United Health Foundation, the American Public Health Association (APHA) and Partnership for Prevention(TM), the overall health of the nation is down .03% from last year, but has remained relatively the same for the past six years. The report shows there have been modest gains in reducing the rates of cancer and cardiovascular mortality, however other factors have stayed the same or risen, including increased obesity rates, increasing numbers of uninsured people, children in poverty and the persistence of risky health behaviors, such as tobacco use and violent crime. All of these factors … Continue reading Healthiest States in the Nation

Visual Aid of Real Estate 2.0 Companies

If you’re wondering who the players are in online real estate today, you’ve just been given a new tool. 1000WattConsulting has put up a visual aid showcasing the top players in the RE2.0 space, complete with categories and links. Real Estate 2.0 is like Web1.0 for the rest of the world because the real estate industry as a whole, didn’t really embrace the internet until about 13 minutes ago. And most Realtors and brokers are still confused about how the whole thing works. Understand, most real estate in America is still sold by agents who got the job because they either knew … Continue reading Visual Aid of Real Estate 2.0 Companies

Where are all the Singles- 2007?

  Money magazine has it’s new list out with Best Places to live and such (the Best Places is a compilation of smaller cities). The top Utah city on the list was Cottonwood Heights at #100. I live in Cottonwood Heights and I think it should be much higher, but it’s not my list… They also claim that you’ll find the most singles in State College, PA, Durnam, NH, and Amherst Center, MA (all college towns of course). But they might all be fatty’s as the skinniest people live in Marin (north of SF), Blaine(Idaho), La Plata (Idaho), Teton (Wyoming), Garfield (Colorado), and the … Continue reading Where are all the Singles- 2007?

There’s No Room at the Top for Wimps

  We’re all prone to having our moments of weakness, where things aren’t going our way or everything seems to be falling on us at the same time. Especially in a sales industry like real estate, with the financial ups and downs and the pressures that come with it, it can be draining emotionally. Sometimes I need to retreat and spend time with family just to keep my sanity. Sometimes the pressure turns to anxiety and it’s tough to stay focused on the road ahead. But I know that’s precisely what I need to do to make things right and … Continue reading There’s No Room at the Top for Wimps

Driving in Utah

Ever since the Vatican released it’s list of ten commandments for driving, there has been discussion around the issue. also has a discussion going about Utah drivers and their opinions about it. I’m going to take this opportunity to publish my own list of ten commandments for driving, specifically directed toward Utah drivers. When I was a teenager I wrote music with friends and we even recorded a bunch. Mostly it was sappy love songs or extremely hard thrashing metal with distorted guitars, drumming as hard and fast as we could play, and screaming over the top. This was good music … Continue reading Driving in Utah

Does Your Website Make the Grade?

  Most of us who own websites like to get as much feedback as we possibly can, especially if it’s from someone we don’t know. Well, here’s an online website evaluator that will test your site in less than 30 seconds. Testing BlueRoof it says that the Google pagerank is 0, when it’s actually 3, but other than that it’s probably pretty accurate about its assessment (which is obviously an on-paper assessment, not taking into account design, UI, or programming). (H/T Newspapergrl) Continue reading Does Your Website Make the Grade?

Homes of the Future

   Home designs, architectural styles, and how we use different rooms has all changed. Since 1973 the average size home has grown from 1660 to 2459 sqaure feet, backyards have become an extension of the living space, and the kitchen/family room, or great room, has become the main room in the home. Ceilings have become vaulted, closets have become walkable, master bedrooms have morphed into suites, and garages have become monsterous. Home owners have come to want and expect different things from their homes and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) tries to stay on top of these changing trends … Continue reading Homes of the Future

Top Ten Gadgets for Realtors

   I see the reviews of new stuff coming out all the time and I’ve read Realtor Magazine’s new gadgets for real estate, but I just see a bunch of new phones and computers. So here is my list of the… Top Ten Gadgets for Realtors    10- Advertising from your car  Realtors are famous for their ubiquitous vanity plates, window clings, and automobile advertising paint jobs, so why stop there? Having a scrolling message would bring attention and give you an adjustable ad everywhere you go. 9- GPS systems with traffic updates (Also see voice-activated and 3-D) GPS systems are … Continue reading Top Ten Gadgets for Realtors

Top 150 American Architectural Structures

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) lists the top 150 favorite American structures, beginning with; #1- Empire State Building #2- The White House #3- Washington National Cathedral #4- Thomas Jefferson Memorial #5- Golden Gate Bridge Other Structures of (my) interest include… #9- Chrsyler Building- NYC- Tied for coolest skyscraper in the country (TransAmerica) #14- The Gateway Arch- Impressive, and a cool elevator to the top Brooklyn Bridge – Hey, you gotta problem with that?!? #22- Bellagio- My favorite place to stay in Vegas #57- Denver International Airport- Airport as art #61- (Shamefully low)-TransAmerica Pyramid- San Fran- Tied for coolest skyscraper in … Continue reading Top 150 American Architectural Structures

Top Ten American Houses

CNNMoney presents us with their top 10 favorite houses in America, selected from the American Institute of Architects list of the top 150 American Structures. Biltmore Estate (Vanderbilt Residence)- By Richard Morris Hunt Monticello – Designed by Thomas Jefferson Fallingwater – Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin- Frank Lloyd Wright’s residence Hearst Castle- by Julia Morgan Gamble House by Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene Glesner House- Designed by Henry Hobson Richardson Dana-Thomas House- By Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin West – By and For Frank Lloyd Wright Douglas House by Richard Meier Continue reading Top Ten American Houses

Top Ten Cities for Beer Lovers

                   MSNBC lists its top 10 cities for beer lovers; 1. Amsterdam– Serving “pils” with two fingers worth of head on top 2. Berlin– the first week of August is devoted to Bierfestival, when the city center turns into a 1.2 mile-long beer garden hosting 240 breweries from 80 countries, representing 1,750 different brands of beer 3. Brugge– Over 450 unique varieties of Belgian brew. 4. Burlington– Vermont college town between Montreal and Boston. 5- Dublin– Irish people drink? 6- Mexico City– Home of warm pee Corona 7- Montreal– Order your beer by color 8- Portland– 28 local breweries 9- Prague– … Continue reading Top Ten Cities for Beer Lovers

Understanding Credit Scores and Credit Reports

Love em’ or hate em’, our credit scores affect our lives. Your credit score is a number that is calculated based on your credit history to help lenders identify the level of risk they may be taking if they lend to you. Scores range from 300-900. The actual formula for exactly how the score is calculated is proprietary information and owned by Fair Isaac (FICO). Your credit report is historical information about how you pay your bills and repay loans, how much credit you have available, what your monthly debts are, and other types of information that can help a potential lender decide your credit … Continue reading Understanding Credit Scores and Credit Reports

How Blogging Changes People

  Reading Seth Godin’s blog I came across a post titled If no one reads your post, does it exist? It’s a short post that discussed how blogging changes people and it has a great message for bloggers. I agree, and as I alluded to in a previous post, I think writing a blog can change how you approach a topic, and eventually even change why you blog in the first place. When I first began blogging a few years ago it was some sort of cosmic thing, like I was putting my thoughts out into the cosmos or something, and then as … Continue reading How Blogging Changes People

Most Searched For Terms in Real Estate

             When it comes to real estate in America, what do people search for? Before I began writing this I made a list of my own to see just how close I could nail it. I mean, after all, I’m a real estate vet with years of experience and I run a couple of the most-visited real estate web sites in Utah, so I should have some pretty good guesses, right? Here’s my list of what I thought the most searched for terms that drove people to my websites would be (excluding the website names): 1-“real estate” 2- “homes” … Continue reading Most Searched For Terms in Real Estate

Top 200 Websites for Your Attention gives us a new metric for measuring websites- attention. The Compete Attention 200 is a list of the top 200 websites for length of visits. MySpace, YouTube, eBay- I understand how people spend a long amount of time on these sites, but what are people doing on paypal that takes so long? is the only real estate site on the list at #66- most of that time is spent trying to figure out how to find the addresses of properties and/or contact info for the listing agents, which, of course, doesn’t appear unless the agents pay for it- … Continue reading Top 200 Websites for Your Attention

Measuring Distances with your Camera

iPhotoMEASURE is a software tool that enables you to measure anything in a photo taken with your digital camera. From their site: iPhotoMEASURE delivers an innovative dimension to accurate and efficient measurement. By simply taking a picture with your camera, you collect all the measurements you need. There is no need for a helper to hold the other end of the measuring tape or take risks on a ladder measuring out of reach areas.  Bring measurements to your computer in a picture.  iPhotoMEASURE software enables you to measure everything you need for quoting, evaluation and appraisal – plus – the measurements … Continue reading Measuring Distances with your Camera

Real Estate Revolution Not For Sellers

      Taking a look at the Real Estate industry from the perspective of an involved real estate blogger who does a lot of reading, research and speculating about the industry, I can tell you that at times I have been excited, optimistic, frustrated, and hopeful about the “Revolution” happening in the business. But when I look at the reality of it all, without judgement, I’m mostly amazed and here’s why; Everything is still the same At least when it comes to listings. Sure, there are a few more companies and some new models, but when you look at the market … Continue reading Real Estate Revolution Not For Sellers

My Thoughts on Zillow Before they Launched

       Earlier today I was cleaning up some documents on my computer and ran across a blog post of mine from one of the blogs I have from the past (I have several), back before anyone was really reading real estate-related blogs. Anyway- this was a blog I started called Zillow- Another Data Company and its first post (of just three) was on December 19, 2005, or a few months before they launched. Here’s my take on Zillow right after they launched last February; So Zillow is now up and it’s secrets are all out. So, what was all … Continue reading My Thoughts on Zillow Before they Launched

BlueRoof + Sellsius =

  A photo- op apparently.  And I still can’t figure out to get that cool little degree symbol at the end of their logo. So Rudy comes in town to ski in Park City over holidays and we get a drink. And he tells me about Sellsius (degree symbol) and shares some of the company’s history, which is interesting. So we all got the Meme that was passed around a couple weeks ago but this is my reverse meme… Five things you don’t know about Rudy Bachraty III at Sellsius (degree symbol) 1- Rudy hasn’t worked in a year Dude … Continue reading BlueRoof + Sellsius =