Need help writing good real estate ads and copy? Real Estate Copy Rocket is here to help!


Writing compelling ads and copy is a vital part of selling homes and any Realtor worth their salt will make an effort to market their properties with as much gusto and creativity as possible. It sets them apart and gives their clients an advantage.

You can see when you read the descriptions of properties whether or not an agent is really doing their best to promote their clients listing. You can tell if they just slap a few sentences together or do a feature dump of the property. You can also tell when an agent has thought out their remarks and they write compelling copy that causes you to actually enjoy reading it and enhances the probability that you would want to see it.

If you need help with your ad writing, as most of us do, you can turn to to help. It’s $99 for a whole year. It helps in a few ways.

Video Explainer- real estate copy rocket

First, by giving you random headlines such as “Buy Today, Profit Tomorrow” or “Shifting Down a Gear?”.

Or you can select a category and get phrases that go with it, for instance if you select “Luxury” category you’ll find phrases such as “Quintessential Features and Finishes” or “Retreat to your own private bliss”.

Or under the “Replace” feature you can either begin typing and it suggests words based on the letters you have typed (typing “a” you see words such as always, abode, amenities, apartment…) or you can type a word and click the icon and it will show results that are similar, like a thesaurus but for real estate. For instance, searchingĀ “cozy” brings results such as “homey”, “modest”, “just right”, or “snug as a bug in a rug” or searching “remodel” brings results such as “restore”, “revamp”, “overhaul”, or “modernize”

At $99 for an entire year it is a tax-write off that is worth the price.


3 thoughts on “Need help writing good real estate ads and copy? Real Estate Copy Rocket is here to help!

  1. Right!! We can sell our home quickly with the help of ads. Infact with the help of ads we can promote our business.

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