Why Tech-Savvy People make the Best Realtors


How do you choose a good Realtor? After all, it seems like you could pick a name out of a hat or use a referral from a friend and your experience will be relatively the same across the board, right? Wrong. If you’re serious about buying or selling in this market, you need a Realtor with a bit more clout. One that has a leg up on the competition.  And the best person for this job is a tech-savvy realtor. What does tech-savvy mean exactly? It can mean a variety of
things. However, there are a few tried and true factors to look for when selecting a technologically skilled agent.

The first thing you should always check for is a website. If you hear of an agent from a referral and you can’t easily find his/her website, you should move along. Other home shoppers are going to click on one of the first websites they see, so if you’re agent isn’t showing up when you search, chances are other people won’t find them either. In addition to simply having a website, your realtor’s site should be easy to use and have a nice design. Your realtor should be connecting you with other buyers or sellers (depending on what side of the transaction you’re on.) So if their web design is scaring off other people your chances of finding a buyer or seller become much slimmer.

Social media engagement is another key element of a tech savvy realtor. Granted, your agent doesn’t have to post, tweet, or like something daily. But simple interaction in the social sphere shows that your realtor knows how important online communication is to modern day buyers and sellers. After all, a good agent can utilize tools like Facebook or YouTube to further communicate their thoughts and ideas with a wider audience.

Finally and most important of all is a solid home search option. Research shows that nearly 95% of all homes sales now begin with an online search. That is a huge percentage of the market and must be catered to accordingly. This data tells us that what almost every homebuyer wants when they are searching a real estate site is a good search option. If you’re Realtor’s search option is difficult to find, or even worse- nonexistent, then you are definitely not working with a tech savvy Realtor. An online home search option is the most important weapon in a techy realtor’s
arsenal, so make sure your realtor is well equipped.

As you can see, finding a tech-savvy realtor is not terribly difficult- you just need to be aware of what you’re looking for. Simple adhere to these pointers and you’ll find the right tech-savvy realtor in no time. Good luck!

Guest Article by @AndrewHill- www.austinhomelistings.com


9 thoughts on “Why Tech-Savvy People make the Best Realtors

  1. In today’s real estate climate, I agree that a tech savvy agent has a leg up on the competition. In my Richmond VA real estate business I try and utilize all platforms, such as blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pintrest…I could go on and on. And, a solid marketing strategy is always important for home sellers! Please feel free to take a look at my blog 😉

  2. Now it comes handy for a realtor to be a tech savvy , he knows where to find out the relevant information than others which has been published. A geeky nature person is more likely to be the first one to search and find information and do R&D of new techniques.

  3. Real estate market is very slow from last 3 or 4 years and home is need for every people, So i think property market grow up early. According to Shannon Milligan, you should us all social platforms to broad your business, for this you should use good content or images.

  4. This is what I am going after. I am tech savvy, but as a new realtor I am trying to integrate my tech skills with my real estate career. I am trying to re-amp our agency. This article is so true. Thanks

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