Most Active Online Home Shoppers

People Searching Online

The real estate industry has reluctantly been pulled online during the last three years and today most agents and brokers know that people are searching for homes online.

Hopefully this will be the year that brokerages start building great websites- and hopefully they will hire a great website design company like BlueRoof360 to do it.

But which areas are people most actively looking online for homes? Using Google Trends we can see which states and cities are the most active searching for different terms. Let’s look and see where people are really looking online…

Real Estate For Sale

For the term “homes for sale” Salt lake City ranks at the top, followed by Orlando, Phoenix, Tampa, Atlanta, Dallas, and Denver.


For the term “Sell my home” the top states are Arizona, Florida and Utah, followed by Missouri, SC, Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado, NC, Texas.

The term “Search for Homes” ranked like this;

1. South Carolina, United States
2. Arizona, United States
3. Nevada, United States
4. North Carolina, United States
5. Georgia, United States
6. Florida, United States
7. Oklahoma, United States
8. Tennessee, United States
9. Maryland, United States
10. Colorado, United States

Since I’ve posted about  this before, let’s look at where people are most actively searching for other popular terms;

Term                                        Area most searching for that term

Family Activities                          Salt Lake (and Utah) by a landslide

God                                             Tennessee

Jesus                                          Alabama (and Tennessee is #2)

Hell                                              Kansas

Porn                                            Kentucky

Foreclosure                               Miami, Vegas, Tampa

I am afraid                                Philly, Boston, Orlando

Self improvement                      Salt Lake (and Utah) by a landslide

Teen problems                           Iowa

Politics                                       D.C. (surprise), followed by Maryland, NY, Connecticut

Singles                                        Salt Lake (and Utah). followed by Denver, Phoenix, Tampa

Go to Google Trends and try for yourself- you might be surprised at what people are searching for in your area…


One thought on “Most Active Online Home Shoppers

  1. This is a great tool! Thanks for pointing it out.

    It is a great way to compare which keywords to use in a blog post if there are a couple of options. For example, I just checked to compare “homes for sale” vs “real estate for sale”. Huge difference in the number of searches.

    I also wanted to see the difference in number of searches for my city. “St. Louis” had more searches than “St Louis”. “stl” had the fewest. This actually surprised me since I never bother to add the period when I search.

    I’ve also heard that you should have on your site ‘Search Homes’ and not ‘Search MLS’ since everyone doesn’t know what the MLS is. Guess what…Search MLS has more traffic than Search Homes by far. In the top 10 cities, Houston is the only one that had an equal number of searches. On the other hand, people searching from the UK almost exclusively used ‘homes’ over ‘MLS’.

    This one is getting bookmarked and will be used often. Thank you!!!

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