Top Ten Healthiest States

Healthiest States in the Nation

Vermont is the healthiest state in the nation for the second straight year, according to MSN. According to the report, Vermont scores high with these stats;


Prevalence of Obesity (percent of population): 6

Air Pollution (micrograms of fine particles per cubic meter): 10

Lack of Health Insurance (percent without health insurance): 10

Immunization Coverage (percent of children ages 19 to 35 months): 29

Primary Care Physicians (number per 100,000 population): 5

Poor Mental Health Days (days in previous 30 days): 14

Cardiovascular Deaths (deaths per 100,000 population): 10

Cancer Deaths (deaths per 100,000 population): 13


The rest of the top ten are;

2- Hawaii

3- New Hampshire

4- Minnesota

5- Utah

6- Massachusetts

7- Connecticut

8- Idaho

9- Maine

10- Washington 

The unhealthiest state honor goes to Louisiana– Georgia, Nevada, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina and Mississippi didn’t look so good either, being at the bottom of the list.


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Healthiest States

  1. Congrats to Vermont! It looks like the criteria used to determine a healthy state is pretty reasonable. Most surveys or research is based on of the wall criteria.

    I wonder what the stats look like for the worst states.

  2. Juneau Alaska is planning a Health Summit April 23,24 to bring the community together to determine what we need to do to make Juneau Healthier. We were interested in the criteria used to judge Vermont as the healhiest State in USA
    and it will interesting to let them know what you used and what we come up with. It is helpful. Thank you. Connie

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