BlueRoof360- Industry Best Realtor Websites, Lead and Client Management


Custom Websites for the price of a template…

In 2007 we closed 114 homes because of our website. Last year, in 2008, we closed just under 100 without me selling (my buyer team agents did the selling).

While the majority of real estate agents were seeing their businesses slow down significantly and the overall market lose energy, our business has stayed, and is still staying, very consistent.

You may not even want to be a top-producing agent, but I’m sure you wouldn’t mind an extra sale or two each month.  Technology does not take the place of personality and personal contact but, when utilized correctly, it can help us connect with our clients and also bring us new business.

Understand, I am not a technology guy getting into real estate. I am a Realtor (over 14 years) who uses technology very well.

As a real estate agent, if you want to get business from the internet and offer real value to your clients what are your current choices? You can use Point2, Advanced Access, or myriad other template websites, you can (even worse) just have a page on your broker’s website, or you can spend a lot of money building a custom website and hope the people building it know anything about real estate and design. This has been the challenge for Realtors and brokers.. until now.

Now, finally, there will be another choice that brings the power and design of a custom website, the newest, innovative technology, a simple and intuitive back-end system, and client services technology, for a price that is lower than many of the templates.


Enter BlueRoof360

BlueRoof360 costs only $100/month and is a complete online solution for real estate agents and brokers. Attract new business, offer better service for your clients, give more value to the consumer, and grow your team and your bottom line.

I have been the managing broker for several large (100+ agent) real estate offices. I have become a student, learning what consumers like and want when searching for homes. By meeting buyers from my website and working with them I have been able to learn a lot about how to use the internet for real estate over the last five years. And because I am a real estate agent and I have managed, recruited, trained and hired hundreds of Realtors, I understand what real estate agents need and what they like and want.

Paying for a template website because it’s cheap is not always the best approach.

As Greg says, “If 10,000 people exhibit a casual interest in your product, you will have earned nothing, whereas if one person actually buys, you will have earned a huge pay-check.”

Consumers want a better overall experience including value, service, interaction and information. They want to feel as though they are being taken care of but that they have good information and still run the show.

Agents want simple tools that enable them to focus on the relationship and they want business that comes to them without referral fees.

To offer real value to the consumer and get real business from the internet I believe you need to have a few very important pieces that all work together. It all begins with a destination website. Not a form-filled, SEO-crazy, template website, but a website that is designed well, has cutting-edge technology, is fun and easy to use, and has great information for the consumer.

Next you need to know how to drive traffic to your website. How to make it seen and how to make it a place that people will want to come back to again and again, and tell other people about.

When someone asks for help or requests a showing on a property you need to respond very quickly- 15 minutes or less (under one minute is ideal). You need to have a near-immediate connection. People do not want to wait and they won’t wait. They’ll usually work with the first agent to get back to them.

You need to be able to stay in touch with your leads, clients, past-clients, family, associates and friends. You need to give the consumer (your current and potential clients) excellent service. You need to WOW them.

You need to continue to grow and learn from others who are doing it. 

And it has to be easy. It has to be simple to do. Real estate agents do not like complicated, difficult programs and hours of learning how to use stuff. We like fun, easy and simple.


BlueRoof360 will give you a custom website. Not a template website, but a custom website. A template gives you pre-defined spaces that you can change text and images in. We give you a custom website and if you ever want to modify or add new pages (you have unlimited pages) you can add them anytime, and it’s simple.

You can have instant chat, videos, podcasting, widgets or whatever you want.


You’ll also have a complete, but very simple to use, lead and client management system and a notification system. When someone requests to see a property you’ll be notified immediately by text message and email and that person’s information is automatically entered into your lead management system for you. Assign an email keep-in-touch campaign with a click. You can make new campaigns or edit the campaigns and make them your own anytime you want.

We have tried “Top Producer” client management system twice, but both times our team would not even use it because it was so complicated. We paid over $90/month and it just sat there. We’ve designed ours to be simple and easy to use.

You can allow your clients to log in to their own account and see their file. A listing client can see everything you have done on their file and when. They can see when the magazine ad went out and when the sign was ordered and every showing. They can see all the feedback from their showings and your own personal notes. This doesn’t take the place of your personal communication, but it helps you to stay in touch with them even when you are busy and it helps them stay connected to the transaction in a new and interactive way.

Keep doing what you are doing now and just use this to add some extra deals every month. Or go full-out and close hundreds of deals this year from your website. Either way, a long-term online presence will grow your business and give you tools to give better service and value to your clients.

As Jeff, TheXBroker, says…

“So where is the middle ground of killer technology and rePro listing penetration? I think BlueRoof is headed down the right path. Technology (Solvent) + rePro (Solute) = A Solution…one that both consumers and professionals can benefit from.”

The internet is a simple, powerful way to connect with people and grow your business and now BlueRoof360 will give you a simple and powerful way to do it.

To get a quick demo contact us at or 801-699-6619.

BlueRoof360- Custom Websites at a Template Price…

Tired of a template website that doesn’t bring you business?

If you are looking for a custom real estate website with lead management (CRM) system and more, contact BlueRoof360 ( at 888-850-4867 Ext#1 or


27 thoughts on “BlueRoof360- Industry Best Realtor Websites, Lead and Client Management

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  3. I think that you launched a little too soon. Of the tabs at the top, only the “What we do” tab works. The others don’t do anything in IE7 and FireFox. It looks interesting though.

  4. Jeff,

    Like I said, we’ll be launching next month. Right now I’m just talking about it to get the word out and find people who are intersted for next month.

    We already have quite a few people ready to go so we should have a strong launch.

  5. Interesting. I’m a P2 user and I am quite satisfied with their website, but your contact management platform certainly looks much better. I would be interested to see how the rest of the website performs. For $200 it would want to rock’n’roll.

  6. Chantal,

    If you spend $50/month and don’t get anything it’s $50 wasted. If you spend $200 and get an extra sale for, say, $5000 commission, seems like a bargain. If you spend $500year and make two sales from it but you could have spent $4000 and gotten ten sales, you didn’t save money, you lost out on quite a bit.

    It will rock’n’roll…

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  8. As an Owner/Broker of a small (21 agent) local firm in Woodstock, GA, this could be the type of product I have been looking for to run my brokerage and/or my personal real estate team. I am very interested in learning more about the IDX features.

    Please contact me with more details.

  9. Looks very interesting, would love to hear more about it, but contact tab on the blueroof website did not work. BTW, I am a current Advanced Access client and as I write this, our website as been down for the last 2 hours and maybe longer. Seems to be a recurring problem that I cannot tolerate any longer.

  10. You may have clicked my URL and seen. I’m already with Jared and he gave me a call to tell me about your partnership. I was wondering when we would see this announcement. Actually I was one of the first on the service. I think what you have brought to the site with the lead management, community and new Widgets just rocks. I can’t wait until the new launch. I’m excited about working with you and being trained around the community. I want to acknowledge you for creating this site over the years and all the money you spent so we can have a cutting edge site with the best web search available. No thanks to our hapless MLS. Most agents have no concept that it cost you $12,000 a year paid to the WFRMLS to just get the feed necessary to create such a great search let alone the development coast. I hear you’ll be presenting at the Technology show? Any preview on what the topic is?

  11. Marc,

    We’ll be going live soon- we’re just entering beta and working out bugs and finishing some details, but in another ten days or so we’ll be ready and it will be well worth the wait, I can assure you.

    There is no other product on the market that offers what we have to offer and our design will make everything easy for you.

    I’ll send you an email when we go live- Greg

  12. Hey Greg,

    Is your new start up in conjunction with Jared at I like what you are doing and you’re definitely headed in the right direction. Will there be a limit to the number of agents you put in the “community”, especially here in Salt Lake City? If not, I better start looking at another profession as you guys with the technology are the ones who we win the game of real estate marketing and drive all the other competition out of business at least the agents doing 3 or 4 deals a year. What are your predictions for the future of the independent real estate agent that does not jump on board the technology road to success?

    Keep me posted with updates.


    John Holloway

  13. HEY PUPA,

    I love you my pupa! I love reading yer blog! I love listening about your opinion on certain events. You should write a book. Not saying that as a Daughter, but also as a person who thinks you can do it.


  14. I really enjoy your blog posts especially the one titled ‘Realtors are just too damn old’.
    It touched a chord since I happen to one of the rare ones that decided to do Real Estate immediately after graduation.
    A lot of what you say in your post makes so much sense!

    Our small startup middle-east based brokerage company that focuses on international property sales, would like to host our website with

    We currently use the Point 2 platform but while looking for an alternate, fortunately chanced upon
    Unfortunately it was only while signing up, that we realized that there was a geographical restriction and the service was limited to the US.

    Since we don’t really need a customized platform for the Dubai market, would you have a generic solution for firms like ours?

    We would ideally like to have everything that currently offers with a minor change.
    Instead of the USA MLS, an inventory module where our agents can instead, manually list local properties.

    I’m sure that with this option you would in turn, please a lot of brokerage firms outside the US who would like to harness new technology to grow their business.
    Either they didn’t know who to trust with developing their 2.0 site or didn’t know how or it was just too expensive. is the technology we always wanted, priced just right. Please do let me know ( if you have a solution/tweak for firms outside the US who want to use

    Warm regards and congrats on a smooth launch.

    Sachin D’Souza

  15. There seems to be a discrepancy some where…

    Above on the blog:
    “BlueRoof360 will cost only $100/month and will be a complete online solution for real estate agents. Get business, offer better service for your clients, give value to the consumer, and grow your team and your bottom line.”

    On the website:
    “blueroof360 is not intended for everyone. Our mission is to provide the very best technology and tools for real estate professionals, using unparralled design and easy-of use. Ours is an evolving product that will continue to lead the industry in technology and design, with a simple pricing structure of $200/month.”

    Are there two levels of pricing? Or there an error?


  16. Hi Betty,

    Good catch.

    We have changed our pricing model to make it more accessible for more agents.

    The price is only $100/month and we actually design and build your site for you, and then you can add to it as you want (unlimited pages).

    Our technology allows you to build, change, or delete pages very easily and there is no template you have to follow- no pre-defined spaces. It’s all custom.

    Templates don’t work because people don’t like using them, so you don’t get business from them. To get business you need a website that people like to visit and want to tell their friends about.

    We hope to provide that for you at a fair price.

  17. I have reviewed more than 80 IDX providers – big and small.

    I have paid for a number of the services.

    Here’s the thing that kills most of them in terms of their effectiveness…

    #1. Small Photos. Duh.

    #2. The Registration Form. DS has a similar system to yours and people would bail out constantly when presented with the Reg form.

    The only site I have found that has a well designed form is this site The company claims a Pay Per Click traffic registration rate of 28%. Unfortunately it is expensive to set up as they appear to be in a limited geographical area.

    So that’s it…the back office and follow-up mechanisms are terrific, but if visitors don’t register than…the site better be so killer and you better have PPC ads running constantly to not lose them.

    Have you done any tests on how well the 360 site registers visitors when they are coming off clicking on Google Ads?

    If you have and are breaking the 10% rate, I’ll recommend your site to every agent I work with.

  18. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time
    a comment is added I get three emails with the
    same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that
    service? Many thanks!

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