Chad Shares the Secret to His Pineapple Martinis

My friend Chad has decided to do a social experiment on Facebook and throw some parties (which are always a blast) and give away some tips on his famous drinks and food (always awesome)…

This is the first video from Chad. Listen along as he shares his process for building the best pineapple martinis!

Chad really is the ultimate bachelor. But he is finally ready (he claims) to find the right girl to settle down with, which some people think is crazy because he is very successful at being single and is very well off so he can afford to stay single successfully.

Anyway, Chad hates loves when I tell people this- he was named in Cosmo magazine as America’s 8th most eligible bachelor a few years ago- the local news came out and interviewed him and and made a big deal out of it, which, of course, I think is funny and cool. So if you visit his Facebook page or attend one of the parties, make sure you tease him about it congratulate him.



3 thoughts on “Chad Shares the Secret to His Pineapple Martinis

  1. Great Recipe! I used to go to a bar/restaurant in Tucson, AZ called Sullivan’s that used to serve these. They were called, “Knockout Martinis”. Be careful, they are so good that you don’t realize your drinking an alcoholic beverage!

  2. If you make it to one of Chad’s parties, you won’t be disappointed. Chad can be very entertaining.
    Good luck with finding the girl of your dreams, Chad!

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