66 Cities to Buy a Home In Now

According to MSN, there are 66 cities where it makes sense to buy a home in right now, and 34 cities where it might be better to rent. Of course, it’s all speculation, especially in the local markets I am familiar with, and they don’t take into account some important aspects of home ownership, like the tax breaks and simple pride of ownership. Personally, I wouldn’t want to rent again, unless I was transient or uncertain of my ability to pay my mortgage. Four of the top five cities (McAllen, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas) are in Texas. Texas has (relatively) … Continue reading 66 Cities to Buy a Home In Now

More Accusations Against Trulia- Now Cloaking?

Trulia has been caught in some allegations recently that question the integrity of the company, and imply that Trulia is involved in some shady practices that help it’s own site at the expensive of the agent/brokers/partners who work with it. Most of the accusactions have to do no-follow links (temporary 302 redirects) that give Trulia links, but prevent links going back to the “partners” it works with, so it can cause it’s own site ranking to go up and hurt the ranking of the partner sites. Now, accusations of cloaking, or displaying different content to web visitors and search engines to gain … Continue reading More Accusations Against Trulia- Now Cloaking?

Utah Government Workers Move to a Four Day Workweek

  Beginning in August, Utah state employees will begin workweeks of Monday-Thursday 7am-6pm, instead of 8am-5pm, and have Fridays off. The radical new move will result in some frustration for some finding new daycare arangements and such, but will save millions of dollars in energy costs and will reduce traffic congestion. The order issued by Gov. Jon Huntsman will affect about 17,000 out of 24,000 executive-branch employees. It will not cover state police officers, prison guards or employees of the courts or Utah’s public universities. Also, state-run liquor stores will stay open on Fridays. Lisa Roskelley, the Governor’s spokesperson, says … Continue reading Utah Government Workers Move to a Four Day Workweek