Ready to Connect?


Meet Me at Connect SF 2008

Inman News will be holding it’s 12th annual Inman Connect convention  July 23rd-25th in San Francisco at the Palace hotel. For the last few years, Connect has been the best place to meet industry leaders and visionaries, see the newest in technology and real estate-related products, and share a drink with like-minded individuals. There is a heavy emphasis on social media and new trends.

The conference is all about the joining of technology and real estate and the conversation around how the industry is evolving. The most innovative companies and the most entrepreneurial people are all at Connect. There are great speakers, interesting discussions and panels, and always a fun social element that makes this the best real estate convention out there…

I’ll be speaking Thursday (July 25th) in the broker breakout session titled, “Building a Killer Brokerage Website“. And then later that night I’ll be out drinking and may end up speaking in tongues, which could be interesting.

Haggard, old-timers and boring coffee-machine dwellers should not attend. You will be miserable with all the talk of “electric computer thingies” and “internet jigga-ma-whats-its”… but if you’re a ton of fun and enjoy cutting-edge technology and real estate, I hope to see you there.

You can either register for the event with Inman or you can just send me your money and I’ll buy drinks with it while I’m there.