Dustin Luther Gets 4Realz


Dustin Luther is the author of one of my favorite real estate blogs, some even call him the “Godfather” of real estate blogging because he put together Raincityguide, which was the first (that I know of) real estate blog with both a consumer focus and with many contributors. It’s also important to note that the contributors are not all real estate professionals.

He has worked with Move.com (which runs Realtor.com), and he’s a good all-around guy.

Now, Dustin (along with Jim Marks of Virtual Results) will be sharing his experience with Realtors who are interested in learning about technology. I’ve seen Dustin speak and he is high-energy and doesn’t waste time on nonsense. But the most important reason I like Dustin as a speaker is that he has the most important characteristc- he cares about helping people. And, if he’s anything like me, that’s just as important as the money.


I don’t know what sort of marketing or websites they will be encouraging people to use (Jim’s company does internet marketing), but good education about technology is important in our industry and having good people to tech it is rare, and welcome.


3 thoughts on “Dustin Luther Gets 4Realz

  1. Greg: Thanks so much for the interest!

    In terms of websites that we’re recommending… We’re really staying away from being vendor specific, and rather focusing on the features and designs that agents need to look for (and/or request) from their vendors.

    We’re definitely keeping a wall between our education and the products in the real estate space in that neither Jim nor myself is selling any products or services at our events! (I view it as our job to educate and our sponsors job to sell!)

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  3. If creating a website is too advance, Realtors should consider using Pageflakes. Anyone can create a page (or mulitple pages) and share it with a group or have it public for anyone. If a Realtor already has a domain name, they can just have it linked to their specific Pageflakes URL.

    The service is free, so it can really be a money and time saver!

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