2007 Magnificent 7 Finalists


Larry Cragun at RealEstateUndressed just released his 2007 finalists for his Magnificent 7 awards. I’m honored to be among the nominees for an article I wrote in August. I met Larry last year when we both shared a speaking role (about blogging) at the Inman Connect convention. I am pleased to say that he wasn’t undressed. That would have made things a bit uncomfortable.

The cool things about Larry’s award is that it is specifically for articles written for consumers, which knocks about 95% of the articles written on real estate blogs right out of contention. There is a lot of discussion right now about “knowing your audience” and writing for them. Well, most of my audience is real estate professionals, and roughly 40% of my readers are consumers.

So who do I write for? I write what is on my mind and hope that is finds an audience. I enjoy reading about real estate so I read real estate blogs, even if the articles aren’t written for me. Just as a chef may read recipes that aren’t suitable for his restaurant or a dog owner may read stories about cats. Who the words are written for matters far less than who they impact.

Hopefully the stuff I write about the industry has some appeal to consumers who happen across my real estate blog, at least as long as they are reading real estate blogs, which should last about the same amount of time they are in the market to buy or sell a home.


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