Most “Vain” Cities in the Nation


Those guys at Forbes, they really do know how to pick ’em. They just released their list of the Top Ten Most Vain cities in the country, based mostly on the number of plastic surgeons per capita. Apparently, over 11,000,000 cosmetic procedures were performed in the US in 2006, a 48% increase over the previous year.

From the article, “As the number of cosmetic procedures nationwide continues to surge, we looked at which cities have most embraced market demand for taut faces, lush lips and flat abs. There were predictable entries like New York, Miami and Los Angeles, but also surprising ones like Louisville, Ky., and Nashville, Tenn. Most shocking of all was the town that ranked first: Salt Lake City. ”

Yes, you read that correctly- the city at the top, rated as the “Most Vain” was my very own hometown of Salt Lake City.


Forbes offers this disclaimer;

“Unexpected entries like Salt Lake City, Nashville and Louisville might rise to the top, given smaller populations and medical or university programs and centers that focus on plastic surgery. An influx of younger, more affluent residents into the smaller cities may also account for the rising number of plastic surgeons.”

This is something I’ve known for many years, actually, but growing up here, you learn to embrace the culture. And it’s actually very difficult to tell as there are so many beautiful women here. Of course my wife is the most beautiful woman in Salt Lake, and she’s all natural- go figure?


4 thoughts on “Most “Vain” Cities in the Nation

  1. Too many young girls are getting breat implants and nose jobs these days. I have heard of girls as yound as 12 getting these procedures done. Too young!!

    For those of us who are older we need some help so its not a bad thing. If it makes them feel good then go for it girl!

  2. The Forbes article also breaks down how much each city spends on facial cosmetics and hair coloring. SLC beats every other city hands down when you look at the numbers per-capita.

    We are definitely the most vain/insecure people in the nation.

  3. Vanity can serve us or obsess us. I have tamed the vanity beast into serving me in a more healthy way. Example; I have a friend who is in great shape. If i want to hike with him I must work out more, so now i do.

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