The Six-Word Story


Came across this really cool post about Steve Jones, a teacher at the North Carolina School of Science and Math, and his assignment to his students.

The assignment: to write a compelling, six-word story. As the legend goes, Ernest Hemingway once did this—some say he wrote it to settle a tab, while others think it was a bet. His story: “For sale: baby shoes, never used.” He claims it was the best writing of his life.

Here are some of mine…

Hello… (heart beats fast)…I’m sorry.

Never again! Unless… well, maybe someday

Get in, sit down, hang on…

Here kitty kitty… Here kitty- Ouch!

Once in a lifetime, once again.

Real estate template websites suck, sorry.

From the contest- these are incredible;

Spoon shopping, needs shine. A smile?

You took my hand; hello, future.

A call: action scene, explosion out.

Jailed, “murdered,” became the world’s superhero

Found a heart. Wasn’t broken. Weird.

Wrote story. It sucked. Started over.

Sixty years of love. Suddenly alone.

“Do it again…no thank you.”

I wake, see and enjoy, sleep.


I abandoned the earth’s last person.

Despite consequences, last night worth it.

“Once upon a time… the end.”

for sale: baby, with new shoes

You’re good. Unfortunately, we want great.

Harry met Sally. Sally met John.

Lost man meets wolves, finds brothers

Warning, zombie rampage. Protect your families.

The One? *Aortic rupture.* World waits…

What’s that!? I only get six?


6 thoughts on “The Six-Word Story

  1. And I thought a 140 ch tweet was short! What a great activity for a moment to spare.

    Here’s my first

    Six? One word is enough. Better!

  2. I’ve given this assignment before – it always generates some really fabulous responses. And I was actually thinking today about how to apply this form to the real estate market, and that’s how I stumbled across this blog post. Glad lots of other people do this too!!

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