Why Do People Move?


According to the 2006 Census Bureau American Housing Survey, more than 19.3 million Americans moved last year.

3,051,000 moved to establish their own residence (1.2 million changed from renter to owner)

2,869,000 needed a bigger place

2,308,000 moved for a new job or job transfer

2,330,000 wanted to be closer to work or school

2,792,000 wanted a better place

476,000 moved because they got married

588,000 moved because they got divorced

53% had their expenses go up when they moved

23% had their expenses go down

24% stayed the same

5,335,000 say they chose the neighborhood based on it’s convenience to work

4,375,000 chose the neighborhood because it was close to friends or relatives

4,916,000 liked the look of the neighborhood

Factors in selecting the home they moved to were;

6,733,000   Financial reasons
5,819,000   Room layout/design
1,264,000   Kitchen
5,013,000   Size
2,463,000   Exterior appearance
2,614,000   Yard/trees/view
1,926,000   Quality of construction
1,285,000   Only one available
4,047,000   Other

Of about 109 Million homeowners in the survey, over 58 Million say they pay less than $99/month for maintenance and upkeep of their home (3.5 Million say they spend over $200/month).

The Median Household income in America is $44,503

12% of the people in the survey bought their home with no money down

Square footage of 76,936,000 homes in the survey;

622,000       Less than 500 Square Feet
  1,775,000   500 to 749 
  4,959,000   750 to 999 
18,135,000   1,000 to 1,499
18,035,000   1,500 to 1,999
12,559,000   2,000 to 2,499
  6,565,000   2,500 to 2,999
  5,932,000   3,000 to 3,999
  3,662,000   4,000 or more
  4,691,000   Not reported
      (1,795  Median Square Feet)

Heating Supply

32% of homes are heated with electricity

58% of homes are heated with gas

1.3% of homes are heated with coal or wood

15,000 homes are heated with solar power


One thought on “Why Do People Move?

  1. Revealing!

    I wonder if some of those numbers won’t change in the coming year, like expenses going up or down, etc.

    Proximity to work is a lame reason to buy in a specific area, in my opinion….


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