What’s Right with Real Estate


It’s interesting to me to read all the conflicting opinions about real estate and Realtors. Public opinion of Realtors is rising in studies, yet I read about how all the new companies are trying to fix the broken system. Technology geeks are telling buyers and sellers to use their services instead of agents because they can do it better, news reports offer conflicting accounts about Realtors, and FSBO’s have their opinions. But what’s really interesting to me is that the people slamming Realtors most are…. Realtors!

It seems to be the thing for agents with blogs- Become the consumer’s advocate- not by giving them value and education (or a better value proposition), but by slamming the industry so they can say, “See, I’m pointing out bad stuff so I must be on your side”.

I’ve definitely given my share of criticism toward things in the business I disagree with, but I balance it with pointing out the good that agents are doing and the belief I have in utilizing one of the best agents in the area to help you when you buy or sell property. Sometimes when I post about the market being good, or not as bad as some think- people think I’m being biased or self-serving. Almost as if they think the only way to be truthful is to be negative. This year Salt Lake City has led the nation in appreciation for most of the year, yet some people think that because we aren’t shattering records, things must be horrible. Others see the reality and take advantage of a healthy market (1000 homes will be sold in Salt lake county this month- the same number as before last-year’s records), with a ton of inventory to choose from. I call it like I see it- the good and the bad and everything in between.


We all play our role in society.Some people fix roads or cut hair. Some study traffic patterns and others serve coffee and muffins at the local coffee shop. I’m a Realtor and I help people take that new job in Chicago by selling their home, and I help the first-time home buyer find their first place, and I help people make good financial decisions- usually the best source of investment income in their entire lives. I help people have closure after a divorce or death in the family by coordinating the sale of property. And I, along with thousands of Realtors locally and millions nationally, help protect property rights, fight property tax increases, and help educate the public about zoning, transportation, and housing issues that affect us all.

I help my clients with my knowledge and by giving them information and helping them to make good financial decisions that will make their lives better. There are differences between information and knowledge. You can go to websites or read the newspaper to get information- but if you want knowledge, you need a professional with years of experience and a real understanding of the area and the process of wisely investing money in real estate. And that’s where I, and many other great agents in the area, earn our living. Sure there are a lot of bad sales people out there- in every sales profession. But there are a lot of us who earn our money every day. And that’s something that’s right about real estate…


3 thoughts on “What’s Right with Real Estate

  1. I personally believe that the standards to become a Realtor need to be more strict. I’m not a Realtor, but I have had my fair share of dealings with them good and bad and there are a whole lot of bad apples out there these days. I’m the overeducated consumer that can catch a Realtor in a lie far easier than most and when you mention the problem to their broker the excuse is often “Oh yeah, she’s new. I’ll have a chat with her.” To me that is an insult. Hearing Utah Valley agents make claims like “There will be a bridge between Orem and Saratoga Springs in the next 3-5 years so you want to invest in Saratoga Springs now.” is so stupid it is hard to believe (the bridge by the way is considered by the Mountainland Association of Governments to be a “vision project” which means even with funding it’s likely 20-30 + years out.) And oh boy when they start talking about each other slamming this guy or that gal you just want to ask if we are all still in High School or something.

    I’m not in the market right now, but I will say Greg that you will be getting the call from me when I am again. You have that solid character that you can’t teach and seems to be more rare as time goes by.

  2. While several listing services are seeking to cut out or minimize the role of the Realtor, I founded http://www.lockboxdeals.com as a Realtor dependent listing service. Realtors have the opportunity to list their best deals for free, and we target investors who appreciate their expert opinions regarding great invesment property deals across the US. It is an ad supported site, so I have no investment in promoting one deal over any other.
    If you get a chance to visit, let me know what you think!
    Lisa Merritt
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  3. Realtors deal with a lot of people, thus, these realtors should know the 101’s of customer service and how to deal with them. They should also know all info about the property they are trying to sell. Knowledge and service comes hand-in-hand.

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