BlueRoof on InMan TV


Real Estate Video by – Real Estate Blogger

The interview was filmed in San Francisco during InMan connect a couple months ago where I was also a panelist discussing blogging and had other interviews and a lot of people to meet and things going on. Before the interview we were joking around, having a few drinks and having some fun, and I remember telling myself to slow it down and relax so I wasn’t going too fast or being silly. I may have taken it a bit too far because I seem tired or slow or something. But no worries- I’m grateful to have the support and respect of people in the real estate industry. As I’ve said before, this is an exciting time to be in real estate.

Thanks to InMan and Jessica- the whole crew was really great to work with.


One thought on “BlueRoof on InMan TV

  1. I didn’t realize you are the one from the website, on the “about Blueroof” page. Nice to put a face to the words- thank you for the great blog and website.

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