New Oquirrhs Ski Resort Proposed


Kennecott Land, owner of the largest metropolitan landholding by a single owner in the country (75,000 acres) unveiled it’s master plan showing what it has coming in the next couple decades along the west side of Salt Lake county.

It includes 41,000 acres of hillside neighborhoods and businesses, a “transit spine” which would run along the west side Kennecott developments (south to Daybreak) at approximately 8400 West, an urban center north off I-80, and over 10,000 homes (in addition to the 13,500 at Daybreak) broken up into “town centers”, “village centers”, and “neighborhood centers.”

And a Ski Resort.

The new ski facility and Deer Valley-style resort would be in an area called Soldier Flats southwest of Magna and would be the closest ski resort to an international airport in the world (just 18 miles from Salt Lake International).

The resort would begin at a base elevation of 6200 feet and rise to 9350 feet. By comparison, Park City goes from 6900- 10,000 feet and Snowbird from 7760-11,000 feet.


“It’s not a matter of if, ” says Jim Schulte, Kennecott’s vice president of long-term planning, “but when.” He adds, “It’s certainly skiable terrain, and a lot of it.”

Nathan Rafferty, president and chief executive officer of Ski Utah, adds, “They could easily do it. I don’t know that it’s the kind of resortthat would compete with the Snowbird’s, Alta’s, and Deer Valleys of the world, but would be something that would benefit Salt Lake.”

City counselwoman Jenny Wilson may have expressed my sentiments best when she said, “[It] would create a great niche that we don’t have.”


6 thoughts on “New Oquirrhs Ski Resort Proposed

  1. please make a road from tooele, its a no brainer. buy it from the blm,,, trade you other property for a road.. something.

  2. PLEASE do it. 18 miles? Every second you wait, prices of construction go up. Make it medium priced, so every kid on the west side will have memories like the memories I have of Alta. I’ll be there. We’ll all be there. Don’t price us out. Don’t drive everyone to Brighton, Alta, and Solitude. Make it special.

  3. Me again. Thank you for providing the ability to reply. this is my second response. I was in lift operations/ maintenance at Alta for 9 years, 87-96. I have a background in energy management. Your new ski area has a unique opportunity to “Do it right the first time”. Green buildings, energy consious infrastructure, plenty of parking, understandable signage, competative pricing, and a simple ambiance. Life3 long memories brought to you by Kennecott. I would love a chance to consult whomever about the conception of this, one of a kind community resource. An opportunity to put Kennecott at the forefront of private land conservation concepts, responsible land management, and the desire to give back to the community. Imagine the Discovery Channel profiling this “Green” project. No downsides. 10 minutes. Give me ten minutes. You’re on the right path, and should be commended.

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