“Great Streets” of the Nation


The American Planning Association yesterday released it’s first list Great Streets in the country. Among the ten great streets was South Temple Street in downtown Salt Lake City.


From the article;

True to Its Original Character Down to the Smallest Details

First envisioned in Joseph Smith’s Plat of Zion of 1833 and later employed by Brigham Young in 1847, South Temple Street was meant to be the finest and most prominent avenue in Salt Lake City, as well as a model for other cities and towns in the west. Much of South Temple’s success today is a direct reflection of this original bold vision.

The American Planning Association has selected South Temple Street as one of 10 Great Streets in America for its historical residential design and craftsmanship, diversity of land uses, and the integration of multiple forms of transportation throughout history — as well as commitment on the part of the community to preserve its legacy.

A major east-west corridor, South Temple Street is bounded by a historic residential neighborhood and the University of Utah to the east and the historic Union Pacific Railroad Depot to the west. Running 18 blocks long, the street encompasses everything from a mature tree-lined, mixed use district with historic homes, churches, commercial services, and retail establishments to the city’s central business area and downtown.

“South Temple simply tells the great story of our city’s past,” says Salt Lake City planner Ana Valdemoros, “and is also a statement of the efficient combination of historic preservation and modern planning tools.” Thanks to community leaders, residents, planners, and others, there is an ongoing commitment to Brigham Young’s vision that this be the finest street of the city.


Keeping the integrity of the original street, while incorporating the new (including the new City Creek development) is what sets South Temple apart from many other streets, and this blend and character in the heart of a downtown metropolitan city makes it even more impressive. It began with smart planning, being part of the overall smart design of downtown Salt lake, and carried on with the help of residents and city planners. Just one of the many jewels of Salt Lake City.


The other great streets on the list were:

Bull Street
Savannah, Georgia

Canyon Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Delmar Loop
University City and St. Louis, Missouri

Main Street
Northampton, Massachusetts

Monument Avenue
Richmond, Virginia

North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, Florida

125th Street
New York, New York

St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana


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