Lynn Richards


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11 thoughts on “Lynn Richards

  1. Please contact me. I am an old friend of Lynn’s from LA and I would like to connect with her sister, father or friend Marilyn. This is terrible-just horrible. I want to see if others in So Cal need to be contacted and I have no phone numbers. Thank You

  2. I work out of the same coldwell banker office as Lynn. Coldwell Banker of Draper, Utah. You might call our office mg.–Sharon Luke at 801-545-3570. She might have a family contact number or know someone who does. Good Luck in finding her family. This is a devestating event. Lynn touched many lives in a very positive way. She was beautiful. Sincerely, Lynda Krog

  3. Hi Sue – I have Lynn’s sister’s email if you need it as well as Mar’s contact info. We’re all in shock, and although I know Lynn struggled with Dan’s depression and manic personality, we never dreamed he was capable of this. Our dear, dear Lynnie, so vibrant, compassionate, loving, funny, smart.

  4. Lynn was such a wonderful, fun friend. I was her close friend for 40 years. Not many are lucky enough to know and love someone so long. I will miss her forever. Such a tragic loss of such a loving woman. Anyone needing information about her can contact me at

  5. My daughter and I went to a wonderful memorial service here in Marina del Rey (CA) with a world of people who know and loved Lynn. She will be greatly missed by so many. I certain there are many services going on in various parts of the country….an amazing amount of love for an amazing woman and friend.
    Thanks Greg for keeping this posted.

  6. I never had the good fortune of meeting Lynn but was moved by her obituary in the L.A. Times yesterday. I lost my mother who was killed by my father, who then killed himself. These are such senseless, tragic losses and my thoughts and wishes go out to all her friends and family.

  7. I knew Dan and Lynn from church in Draper and Lynn and I became good friends. She sold my home for me. I came to love her enthusiasm and her smile. I knew too that she was struggling with his difficulties, but she laughed it off and I knew he adored her, so I never thought this would happen. I’m in Missouri now and I only just found out. I’m shocked and I feel such an emptiness that Lynn is really gone! I can’t believe this!

  8. I have been out of the loop and I am completely devasted that this has happened to friend from the 1960’s. We grew up very close to each other and have known earch other since grade school.

    I am contacting Marilyn, here is my email:

    We were all very lucky to have Lynn in our lives.

    Valerie Roccki Marshall

  9. I am just finding out about Lynn. I am in total disbelief. I was an L.A. friend of Lynn’s but hadn’t spoken with her since she began work as a realtor in Utah. I woke up this morning with Lynn on my mind and wanted to call her. This is just horrible. Lynn was the most wonderful, loving person with an amazing sense of humor.

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