Where are all the Singles- 2007?


Money magazine has it’s new list out with Best Places to live and such (the Best Places is a compilation of smaller cities). The top Utah city on the list was Cottonwood Heights at #100. I live in Cottonwood Heights and I think it should be much higher, but it’s not my list…

They also claim that you’ll find the most singles in State College, PA, Durnam, NH, and Amherst Center, MA (all college towns of course). But they might all be fatty’s as the skinniest people live in Marin (north of SF), Blaine(Idaho), La Plata (Idaho), Teton (Wyoming), Garfield (Colorado), and the last two counties I lived in San Francisco (CA) and Boulder (CO)counties.

Counties with the fastest growth over the last 6 six years has three northern Utah counties at the top with Tooele county (next to Salt Lake to the West) at the top spot with 112.5% growth (!), followed by Summit and Wasatch counties (next to Salt Lake to the East) at #4 and #6 respectively. I have a feeling Salt Lake county might be making the list soon with all the jobs we have coming into the county.

The youngest list is obvisouly a list of towns, not counties, or Salt Lake would again be at the top. But for youngest towns, northern Utah had three at the top, with Eagle Mountain (#12), Cedar Hills (#16), and Oquirrh at #23.


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