Blog Tour Rolls Into SLC Tonight


The Sellsius Blog Tour is a 24-City tour of the country by Rudy and Joe at Sellsius Blog. They’ve got an RV, a lot of free time, and some large livers- and they’re rolling into the valley July 23rd.

There will be an industry party at the Cottonwood Oyster Bar, Tonight at 6pm where you can meet some of the local real estate bloggers, real estate people, or just have a drink and socialize. The tour kicks off the Big Apple and ends at the Bloggers Connect event in San Francisco.


Here’s the route. As you can see- these guys love the coasts, pandering to the largest crowds possible, and completely despise the south (they told me so themselves). It would have been much simpler for them to straight-shot from Denver to AZ and then up the coast, but they zig-zagged over to SLC just to see the LDS temple (Rudy is Mormon) and to get a shake from Iceberg (Joe judges ice cream for a national competition sponsored by Ben and Jerry’s).

Don’t tell, but while in town they will be staying in their RV, parking it in the parking lot of the Dan’s grocery at Highland at Fort Union. They do not have permission to do so and may well have their RV impounded. Of course they’ll need to cancel the rest of the tour, but there is Crystal Inn within walking distance of Dan’s so they should have a place to crash after the arrest.


This isn’t the first time the guys have been in town. Last time we met up Rudy got toasted and spent the night in the slammer with a dude named “Big Al”. He won’t talk about it.


Alright, I made some of that up, but not all of it. The tour party will, in fact, be Tonight at Oyster Bar- 6pm. There’s usually a good turn-out at these things so you might want to come early.

See you there…


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