Driving in Utah


Ever since the Vatican released it’s list of ten commandments for driving, there has been discussion around the issue. KSL.com also has a discussion going about Utah drivers and their opinions about it. I’m going to take this opportunity to publish my own list of ten commandments for driving, specifically directed toward Utah drivers.

When I was a teenager I wrote music with friends and we even recorded a bunch. Mostly it was sappy love songs or extremely hard thrashing metal with distorted guitars, drumming as hard and fast as we could play, and screaming over the top. This was good music to us, mostly because we addressed the most pressing issues of the world in our songs. One of the songs I wrote was called, “Get the F@#% out of the Passing Lane”. This was a moving song. (pun intented).

It was mostly aimed at minivans because I’ve long been curious about how minivan owners seem to drive by a different set of rules than the rest of us, but it applies to everyone. One verse went like this;


It’s elegant, refined, and drives home the frustration a teenager  with a sports car feels when driving behind slow vehicles. Utah doesn’t have the worst drivers in my opinions, but some of the crap that flies for acceptable driving around here is pretty lame. AOLAutos ranks it’s top five best and worst drivers as


So here is my own Ten Commandments of driving;


I remember in Colorado I would guest host a Saturday radio program and the first time I was introduced I said, “Hello. I appreciate the chance to be here and I would like to take this opportunity to say- the left lane is called the ‘passing lane’ for a reason.”

For the most complete, and entertaining list of driving pet peeves- you must see Real Lans


4 thoughts on “Driving in Utah

  1. How does California make the worst and the best list? I can’t see FL. only making #5 on the worst list. Here in the Orlando area every one is from some where else.

  2. Texas has the best drivers? Man they had to leave Houston out of the mix. We have some of the worst drivers and unsafe vechicles on the road that anyone could fathom.

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