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“And because this is my blog I write about things that I think about and have opinions about. I was interviewed a few days ago by Brad Inman about blogging and he asked me where I come up with the content for my posts.

 The content for my posts come from happenings in the industry, local interests and news, and my thoughts and opinions about whatever. The beauty of a blog, at least my blog, is that it is purposely not a politically-correct bore-fest of facts and promotion. It is opinion and open dialogue.

I moderate the comments very light-handedly. They are immediately posted and sent to me and I delete comments that are spam, personal attacks, and sometimes just because they are obnoxious.”

I make no declaration of being politically correct, morally superior, or even being right. This is my blog and it is how I see things and about topics I want to write about. I get a lot of advise from many different people all the time about my blog and things I should do or change. I should advertise and I should put more data and charts and I should add this widget or that widget and I should be more politically correct and so on and so on… I know they mean well, and a lot of the advice is really good and I’d like to be able to implement some of it, but haven’y gotten to it yet or don’t know how. Some blogs are much more technologically advanced than mine.

If I write a post and later decide I have something else I want to say or want to change something in that post or feel as though I should be more respectful then I edit the post.

I was speaking with Seth Godin last week and I asked him about not allowing comments on his blog and I understand why he doesn’t. I allow comments because I like the idea of open discussion and dialgue and I leave comments once in a while on other’s blogs- sometimes to give them more discussion and sometimes to express an opinion.

But I will (and do) delete comments that are self-promotional, rude, have language I don’t like- or for any other reason I find. I blog to get my voice out, not to be a message board.

Thanks for reading… have a fun and safe summer.


3 thoughts on “Caution

  1. It is simply amazing sometimes what people will post in comments. The ones I really hate are the ones where people go “great post on xyz. Also you may be interested in [link to something totally related]”

    I’m starting to label those spam in my grumpy old age.


  2. I feel you, Greg.

    That’s the way I roll with the comments… and it’s fine.

    There’s no democracy on my blog. It’s a dictatorship, pure and simple. 😆

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