Believe in What You Do or Don’t Do It


Driving home today I saw a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) directional sign directing people down a particular street. On the sign was a phone number and the words “owner/agent”. I recognized the phone number as belonging to an agent who used to work for me. What does this tell me? It tells me a few things…

– I didn’t teach him well enough to believe in what he’s doing

– His clients are losing out working with someone who doesn’t believe in what’s he doing

– He may want to re-think his career choice because currently it has no integrity

I don’t trust salespeople who don’t believe in their product or services. I wouldn’t trust an atheist minister, a vegetarian butcher or an environmentalist who drives a suburban either. At the end of the day your integrity is worth more than a paycheck and if this agent doesn’t believe in his companies marketing and service then he may want to evaluate which company he is with, or whether this is the right career for him, either way- have some integrity in your selling.

Update- On 6-26-07 I spoke to this agent about it and told him I was blogging about it and he says he has a FSBO sign up for two reasons- the home is not ready to go on the market yet- he’s a couple weeks away, and he wants to get some buyer leads and interest while he’s finishing the remodel on it. He doesn’t have a company directional sign up because it’s not listed yet.


3 thoughts on “Believe in What You Do or Don’t Do It

  1. Mike,
    That comment was directed at Vanessa who insists that she is the greatest agent ever and seems to think that she is the only agent doing any sales and everyone else is dying.
    As I said, I welcome your opposing viewpoints and I think you genuinely care about your clients. And I understand defending your value proposition. I just don’t want every post, no matter what it’s about, to be a discussion about those things. Someone reading a post about agents selling FSBO don’t necessarily want to read about other topics.
    We agree to disagree. And I am wrong all the time and still keep going…

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