Seth Godin to Speak in Salt Lake City May 24th


Popular author and blogger extraordinaire Seth Godin has included Salt Lake City into his blogging tour and will be speaking at the Salt Palace Convention Center this month. Seth has authored books such as Purple Cow, Small is the New Big, and All Marketers Are Liars and is now promoting his new book The Dip ( A Little Book that Teaches You When to Quit and When to Stick) . He is a frequent contributing editor to Fast Company, was recently the vice president for permission marketing at Yahoo! and is the founder of

Salt Palace Convention Center

(doors open at 1 pm for networking) 
100 S. West Temple 
Salt Lake City, UT  84101 

May 24th 1-4 pm

Cost $50 (includes 5 copies of his book)

Register Online

*Coordinating the event and putting in a lot of time to make it happen were Phil Burns, Matthew Reinbold and Jason Alba  , who had to help coordinate everything, from booking Mr Godin, coordinating with dozens of bloggers (including me) who probably didn’t give him nearly the help he wanted, and booking a site, sponsors, and a book store to help with the event. Thanks guys.


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