BlueRoof Gets POSH’D

poshd.png is proud to be among the inaugural websites featured on today’s launch of a new website called POSH’D.

POSH’D is the brainchild of Shaun McLane, out of Florida, who envisions a showcase of the country’s best-designed real estate websites.


Ever visit other Real Estate websites for inspiration? Ever notice how many of them are VERY similar? We support those of you trying to break the mold and make the real estate sites on the web a better experience for everyone. We’re here to promote you and your fine work, but we also hope that up-and-coming site developers will be able to use Posh’d as a place for inspiration. We want to raise the bar for all Realtors and their sites. Submit your site, and if featured, be proud of your accomplishments!

Other websites recognized for their design were RSSPieces,, and, which has a cool greenscreen feature (but not as cool as BlueRoof’s). If you feel your site, or another site you know of, should be featured you can submit them for review. Thanks for the recognition, and we’ll be watching to see who else makes the list.




5 thoughts on “BlueRoof Gets POSH’D

  1. Congratulations, I do like this design. The sidebars are not too close to the content in the middle. It’s easy on the eyes and looks fairly simple (which is great for the under experienced web surfer).

    How’s the real esate market in Utah? My name is Scott, I work for Wallhogs and we recently began making Wallhogs for some realtors to use for their advertising and marketing. Is this something that would work in your industry? You’ve got my email, let me know if this is something that you’d be interested in hearing more about. I can show you some examples and explain anything that needs explaining.

    Scott at Wallhogs

  2. is the best website design for searching for homes that I have seen. It’s got the WOW factor and easy to use design. Should up the search total to more than 100 at a time, but everything else is awesome.

  3. Congrats on being Posh’d. Your BlueRoof site is fabulous. I like the sliding sidebars. We all know that is what the consumer wants. The ability to enter info and get cracking.

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