BlueRoof Among Utah’s Top Blogs


Chris Sandberg ranks Utah’s Top Blogs (by Technorati ranking) for traffic and Blog is ranked #13 for traffic- right behind, and just ahead of, some excellent bloggers.


So what makes one blog get more attention than others? They say that “content is king“, and content is obviously a big factor in the popularity of a blog, but there are other factors that play into it. Here are the things that help your blog become more successful and help you stand out;

Presentation of the content is, in my opinion, one of the most important parts of a good blog. Many blogs are just a mess of text and ads thrown onto a page and I don’t usually read them for fear of a headache. I like clean looking blogs with good organization and the use of color and negative space to separate sections. And I like the overall feel to be friendly and visually appealing. A couple of good examples of this would be The Harper Team blog and Seth Godin’s blog. Their presentations are fun and appealing. I also think images help a lot.

Participation makes a significant difference in growing your blog. Reading other blogs and commenting in a way that furthers the discussion and builds your reputation so those other bloggers will want to link to you. I participated in, and won one of the first blog carnivals for real estate, appropriately called the Carnival of Real Estate and I’ve also hosted the carnival.

Recognition from other sources, especially credible sources, can help bring you traffic and give you credibility. Having Random MeanderingsFuture of Real Estate Inman News Blog, RealtyThoughts3OceansRealEstate, BloodHound Blog, and many other great bloggers write about me has really helped and I appreciate it very much.

Linking to other websites, blogs and articles, and having them link to you helps you get indexed in the search engines and gain traction within the millions of blogs out there. I’ve already linked to a dozen other places in this post.

Controversy – or at least some honesty without political correctness keeps things interesting and real. One of the reasons many blogs suffer is they are bland because they try to please too many people.

Updating often with new material is critical. Sometimes it’s tough to find the time or motivation, but if you want your blog to matter, you’ve got to put in the effort.


*Since this top ranking list was published the position for Blog has moved up to 29,876 while two others have gone down, making Blog now ranked #11 for Utah’s Top Blogs.  


Thanks for reading…


5 thoughts on “BlueRoof Among Utah’s Top Blogs

  1. Nice work, man… this is a GREAT blog, and your effort is noteworthy.

    And thanks for the shout!

    That One Guy over at Random Meanderings and Other Meaningless Blather.

  2. You go super blue roof! Do you know Christian and Richard at the Blue Roof (Arctic Spa)? Do Steve and Annie have the nursery open yet? Come on man, give me the PC news!

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