Does Your Website Make the Grade?


Most of us who own websites like to get as much feedback as we possibly can, especially if it’s from someone we don’t know. Well, here’s an online website evaluator that will test your site in less than 30 seconds.

Testing BlueRoof it says that the Google pagerank is 0, when it’s actually 3, but other than that it’s probably pretty accurate about its assessment (which is obviously an on-paper assessment, not taking into account design, UI, or programming).

(H/T Newspapergrl)


4 thoughts on “Does Your Website Make the Grade?

  1. Thanks for the reference to the website grader.

    The Google PageRank data point has been problematic (based on which Google server you hit, you get different results sometimes).

    Also, we are in the process of including some subjective measurements into the algorithm as well (which will involve humans, of course). I think this will increase the utility of the tool.

    Let me know if you have any ideas on how we might make this better.

    Also, an alternative way to access the tool is:

  2. Quick update: The tool has been upgraded multiple times and now shows even more information.

    It’s become pretty popular (thanks to early adopters like you). We now have over 8,000 websites processed!

  3. Just compared my web site against popular blogs, and here is the grade level all of them got: – 8th, – 6th, – college gradaute (respect), – high school + 1yr of college, (mine) – 11th, I guess I know why I don’t get many readers – I’m marketing to middle audience

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