Top Ten Gadgets for Realtors


 I see the reviews of new stuff coming out all the time and I’ve read Realtor Magazine’s new gadgets for real estate, but I just see a bunch of new phones and computers. So here is my list of the…

Top Ten Gadgets for Realtors


 10- Advertising from your car 

Realtors are famous for their ubiquitous vanity plates, window clings, and automobile advertising paint jobs, so why stop there? Having a scrolling message would bring attention and give you an adjustable ad everywhere you go.

9- GPS systems with traffic updates (Also see voice-activated and 3-D)

GPS systems are all over the place now and they’re getting cooler and easier, but getting traffic updates in real-time along with the navigation is awesome. Every agent who works with buyers knows the frustration of setting appointments in a sequence and then needing to call to push back appointments because you are running late. Voice Activated makes it easier to keep your eye on the road, and 3-D is just cool.

8- Color printers for your mobile phone

No more running to the office to print out some new flyers for your listing- just plug in your mobile phone and print them up- and how impressed will your clients be?

7- GPS on your mobile phone

Call in for directions or get GPS on your phone without the cumbersome extra equipment- you have your phone with you everywhere you go, and this way you can have GPS everywhere as well.

6-Reading your voice mail

Need to know when to pick up your kid but can’t stand hearing your ex’s voice? Get your voice mails as text messages on your mobile phone. Also good for scrolling through to get to the important messages when you’re busy.

5- Viral Marketing

Think of a television commercial that will run for years, reach a large audience, and does not cost you anything. Is that something you would consider doing?

4-Client motivation detectors 

Ever put your ear up to the window after buyers leave your open house, trying to hear what they are saying about the house?

Here’s your spy gear to finally get the 411 *

3- One-Shot Virtual Tours

Create a virtual tour without being a photo-shop expert. Just one click captures a full virtual tour, ready to go. Save time, frustration, and the cost of the photographer.

2- Searchable Conversations

Ever heard the saying, “The longest memory isn’t as good as the shortest pencil”? Well, even better than a pencil is this little device that will record all of your conversations and let you search them. Remember all the details your client told you, laugh at the other agent with your co-workers after they have left the office, and improve your language skills.

1- Cup holders that do more

When you’re in real estate you live in your car, doing everything mobile. We are the most dangerous drivers on the road. Talking on our mobile phones while eating a cheeseburger and making a U-turn as we look for an address.

This is why when we shop for a new vehicle we don’t ask how fast it goes or care about the luggage space- we want to know three things- gas mileage, turning radius (for our U-turns, and how many cup holders does it have.

And these cup holders will turn your real office into a more efficient place, and probably save lives.

*This is only a joke- I don’t promote spying. And even if I did I would not suggest breaking out a big ole’ listening device and stick it out the window at people as they leave an open house.


17 thoughts on “Top Ten Gadgets for Realtors

  1. Note to self: NEVER attend a Blue Roof open house. You’re going to use gadgets to listen in on my conversations or to see if I am lying? Are you kidding? And Realtors wonder why people don’t trust them. LOL

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  3. I see nothing on this list that I need that I don’t already have – don’t need the motivation detector as our entire team is composed of psychics.
    Over at Sellsisus today I found two products that were a must have for me – GrandCentral and Vlip.

  4. The spying stuff was a joke guys. Don’t take everything (including yourself) so seriously. I don’t actually suggest sticking a huge listening device out the window at people as they leave an open house. I don’t think cup holders are actually the best new gadget for realtors either, but I thought it was fun…

  5. So it was a joke?! So I should take the bugs out of my listings and stop listening in to what buyers and their agents are saying while previewing the properties? (jk folks)

    So what’s up with number 10? There’s branding and then there’s cheese. I’d say that it’s more on the cheesy side. But really like some of the other ones!

  6. Good list- some cool items. I especially like #1 and #2. Mike makes his clients do their own open houses so why do they pay him to do the work themselves?

  7. Danilo,

    #10 is cheesy, but depending on who you ask, so are vanity plates, car wrapping, billboards, bus benches, postcards, etc… plus, it’s tought to think of ten new gadgets that aren’t already on 20 other people’s blogs so I needed to be creative.


    Help-U-Sell allows their sellers to do the open houses themselves because nobody can sell a home as well as those people who live there and love it- just ask Mike.

  8. Greg:

    Great response to Anon. Why even respond to a gutless Anon, anyway?

    I didn’t know you had such a sense of humor.

  9. They haven’t. Most don’t even have a laptop. Most don’t even use virtual tours. Most don’t even give the buyer the property address on the website. Most don’t even have their own website.

    Agents change slower than any other industry, because they are mostly Independent Contractors, and they resist everything.

  10. This is a great list. I especially like #10. I was aware of the HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer that targets real estate professionals who often need to print reports, photos, listings, etc. straight from a notebook, camera, or phone.

    However, this new way of printing pictures without ink is truly revolutionary and I can’t wait for this product to hit the market.

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  11. Wow! That must have been so expensive. I would love to have at least 10 of these items you mentioned. This would really help me a lot though I’m not a real estate agent this will really get my business ongoing real good.

  12. nice one! This gave me a good laugh! LOL. but honestly, we should ever be conscious and we should know what our buyers really want and not give them anything that’s not really applicable for them.

  13. That’s a good extended list. I have my gadgets with me most of the time – laptop, smartphone, portable printer, digital camera and a bluetooth handset. I missed the voice recorder. It may come in handy when I’m always on the go.

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