Top Ten American Houses

CNNMoney presents us with their top 10 favorite houses in America, selected from the American Institute of Architects list of the top 150 American Structures.


Biltmore Estate (Vanderbilt Residence)- By Richard Morris Hunt


Monticello – Designed by Thomas Jefferson


Fallingwater – Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright


Taliesin- Frank Lloyd Wright’s residence


Hearst Castle- by Julia Morgan


Gamble House by Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene


Glesner House- Designed by Henry Hobson Richardson


Dana-Thomas House- By Frank Lloyd Wright

Taliesin West – By and For Frank Lloyd Wright


Douglas House by Richard Meier


4 thoughts on “Top Ten American Houses

  1. I will give you a different rank because you did fail to review my house. All of this is based on size and best design
    2)-Hearst castle
    3)- Dumbarton oaks main house on R and 32nd st NW, Washington DC (my house to be, based on design alone, the size will be cut again, around 3 acres to fit with the land)
    4)- Monticello
    Arthur Mboue

  2. Some of these houses are not very interesting at all, other than their historic significance (and not as architectural masterpieces). Where is Dennis Johnson’s Glas House? You can not let the public vote on something like “Best Architecture” because there are so many technical aspects of which they do not know anything, which in large part determine the quality of the building..

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