Top Ten Cities for Beer Lovers


MSNBC lists its top 10 cities for beer lovers;

1. Amsterdam– Serving “pils” with two fingers worth of head on top

2. Berlin– the first week of August is devoted to Bierfestival, when the city center turns into a 1.2 mile-long beer garden hosting 240 breweries from 80 countries, representing 1,750 different brands of beer

3. Brugge– Over 450 unique varieties of Belgian brew.

4. Burlington– Vermont college town between Montreal and Boston.

5- Dublin– Irish people drink?

6- Mexico City– Home of warm pee Corona

7- Montreal– Order your beer by color

8- Portland– 28 local breweries

9- Prague– Home to U Fleku, world’s oldest brewpub

10- Sapporo– Beer from vending machines in Japanese setting


Celebrator lists it’s top 10 American Cities for beer;

1- Salt Lake City– With it’s incredible brew pubs and much-drinking populas guzzling from free-flowing beer fountains throughout the city, Salt lake earns (once again) the top prize! Okay, I’m kidding- the top spot goes to Portland.

2- San Francisco– Totally cool city for pretty much everything you can imagine. Is there anything that San Fran isn’t in the top ten for (other than lowest cost of living)?

3- Denver– Sports-crazy town with all four major sports and a brew-pub for every ten people (it seems). Great place to be during any championship season.

4- Seattle– Techie geeks can pound back the brew- how else could someone get through 56 straight hours on the computer programming?

5- Philly– City of Brotherly drinking

6- San Diego– Beach parties account for 90% of beer consumed

7- DC– Lots of drinking on the hill? This explains a lot.

8- Boston– Celebrations are up since the Red Sox took the Series

9 & 10 (tie) New York– There’s a lot of everything in NYC

9 & 10 (tie) Chicago-It’s all those speak-easy’s


Forbes ranks America’s drunkest cities

1- Milwaukee

2- Minneapolis


4- Boston


6- Chicago

7- Cleveland


9- (tie) Philly

9-(tie) Providence

11-St Louis

12- (tie)San Antonio

12 (tie)- Seattle

14- Vegas

15- Denver/Boulder

*Salt Lake City is the least-drunk of American cities and we have the best-looking girls (well, other than these ten cities). Plus, the best mountains, the best real estate website, the best people, the best soil, the best…. um… dancers, the best singers, the best musicians, the best plants, the best- looking pets, the best top ten lists… and the best blog. And people are very polite here, well, unless they’re driving.


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Cities for Beer Lovers

  1. I would argue Austin should at least be in the Top Ten for the following reasons:

    1. 6th Street
    2. 5th Street, 4th Street…
    3. – note UT is number one- HOOK ‘EM HORNS!!!!
    4. Austin is number 5 on drunk cities- that has to mean good beer (most people use cabs since the parking is limited or stay in hotels downtown, not too bad actually).
    5. Umm, we’re in the SOUTH where beer is a normal part of dinner once you hit 21… (even though I don’t drink).
    6. Near Shiner brewery- huge beer down here; tons of local brew pubs around town!

    I’m competitive what can I say? You challenged me! Austin rocks! I don’t even drink beer but it seems to be muy popular down here! Austin really is a fun place to be (even though I’m blogging on a Friday night…)!

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