Spring Cleaning Checklist


Ahh, the air is crisp and the birds are singing outside. The sunlight is getting warmer, clothing is getting lighter, and nature comes out of it’s hibernation. What a great time of year…

 If you’re planning on doing a good deep-clean on your home, here is a checklist and reminder list for you.



-Refrigerator, throw away outdated food, clean shelves and drawers, pull it out and get behind it, vacuum grill and coil

-Cabinets- take dishes and pans out, clean shelves and doors, reorganize to make best use of space

-Run the dishwasher empty, with vinegar or baking soda

-Deep-clean ovens and microwave

-Dust off pictures, paintings, shelving, decorations, ceiling fans

-Scrub and polish floors

-Wipe down walls with warm water

-Clean windows

-Clean out hood vent, wash filter

-Clean out freezer, discard unwanted items

Tip- Use newspaper instead of paper towels to wash windows- it reuses the newspaper and scrubs the windows more effectively



-Clean behind washer and dryer

-Unattach dryer hose and clean lint from inside and around



-Deep-scrub tubs and sinks

-Clean out drawers, re-organize

-Discard unused cosmetics and medications

-Clean around toilets


Throughout House

-Move furniture to clean behind and underneath, vacuum cushions

-Take rugs outside and beat dust out of them, then vacuum

-Take down paintings and pictures, clean them and behind them

-Wipe down walls with warm water

-Take down light fixtures and clean them

-Shake rugs

-Wash trash cans

-Clean behind and dust off electronic devices

-Check and replace light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs

-Wipe down plants with damp cloth

-Change batteries in smoke detectors

-Shampoo carpets and rugs/ polish hardwood

-Steam-clean upholstery

-Reseal grout

-Vacuum out vents

-Take books off shelves, clean shelves, wipe down books

-Polish wood furniture and banisters

-Strip and re-wax vinyl or linoleum floors

-Wash windows and screens

-Replace cold weather bedding, (wash and put away) for warm weather bedding

-Organize and clean out closets

-Take out warm-weather clothing, clean and store away

-Gather unwanted/unused toys and items to give to charity

-Clean and organize storage areas and attic

-Use WD-40 to lubricate door and window hinges

-Polish hardware on doors, windows and drawers



-Clean out gutters and window wells

-Aerate and fertilize lawns

-Turn soil in gardens

-Clean outdoor furniture

-Wash lighting fixtures

-Spray down outside of house and wash dirty areas with soapy water

-Scrub cement areas with thick outdoor broom and soapy water

-Wash patio and porch walls and ceilings

-Re-paint or stain wood decks and fences

-Check and replace hot tub and swimming pool filters


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