Blogging Stats, Facts, and Growth


Millions of people have registered blogs, almost 800,000 on WordPress alone, but there are 300 million people in America and billions around the world.

How many blog? What are the trends? What are the numbers?

C|Net says

30% of People Blog

52% Believe bloggers should have the same rights as jounalists

80% Do not believe that bloggers should be allowed to publish home addresses and other personal information about private citizens

72% Favor censorship of personal information about celebrities

68% Favor censorship of personal information about elected or appointed government officials

39% Say blogs are less credible than newspaper articles

According to PEW/Internet

By the end of 2004- 8 Million people had created a blog

27% of internet users read blogs

5% said they used RSS

12% had left comments on blogs

62% didn’t know what a blog was


Technoarti says that they are currently tracking 55 Million Blogs and in 2006 the blogosphere was 60 times larger than 3 years earlier.


Technorati also says that a new blog is created about every second and of those, 55% of new bloggers are still posting after three months.


And, in 2006, there were approximately 1.2 Million new posts/day or about 50,000/hour.

Prudential apparently doesn’t even allow their employees to post blogs. From the company Feb/March issue of PrudentialLeader magazine, “Prudential policy prohibits creating or posting to blogs, no matter the content.” Not that it makes much difference, according to the magazine, only 5% of their employees read blogs daily.


And we know Apple doesn’t blog from fear of someone letting out company secrets, and the company uses secrecy to generate interest and garner publicity when it will help sales. Is corporate blogging an American thing?


In contrast, Microsoft has long used published plans of future products to generate publicity. Microsoft encourages it’s employees to blog. As do many other companies. If you are thinking about starting a company blog, here are some do’s and don’t’s for you to consider.

Blogging can bring traffic to a website but that’s not the point of it. The objective of good blogs is to be a resource of information and frank discussion.


7 thoughts on “Blogging Stats, Facts, and Growth

  1. thanks for taking the time to put this together. i have some curiosity around where blogging will be at the end of this year and how it will affect the real estate industry.

  2. My belief is that blogging, in time, will be a major contributing factor in the complete eliminate of newspapers. Everything fact-based in any paper can now be found on the web, and with blogs replacing the opinion part of it, well, there you go.

    It wont be long before blogs are increased ten-then twenty then 100 the 1000 fold, having a major impact on everything promo-advertising-marketing related.

  3. Two months ago I didn’t even know what a blog was. Now everyone has one- when did they become so popular?

    Yours is one of the best blogs I have read, you make it interesting to read even though Im not in the market to buy a home.

  4. Interesting stuff, thanks for compiling.

    “39% Say blogs are less credible than newspaper articles”

    Conversely, that would imply that 61% say blogs are MORE credible than newspaper articles….

  5. The Prudential policy scares me quite a bit. How can a company prohibit its employees from posting to a blog (regardless as to content) on their own time and using their own equipment? Clearly this is a violation of the first amendment.

    I can certainly understand Prudential having an issue with an employee who discloses personal or confidential information, or even something that somehow casts the employer in a bad light. Still, If someone wants to post a blog on fly fishing or snowboarding, why should the employer care? How can they justify such a policy?

  6. Citizen,

    I agree, it seems as though it would infringe on first amendment rights, but just as disturbing to me is the company trying to control it’s employees, and not giving them any trust at all. Not a good message to send to your people, “Do not talk about anything.”


    I am not an employee of Prudential, yet even if I were I would not agree to this policy.

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