Most Searched For Terms in Real Estate


When it comes to real estate in America, what do people search for? Before I began writing this I made a list of my own to see just how close I could nail it. I mean, after all, I’m a real estate vet with years of experience and I run a couple of the most-visited real estate web sites in Utah, so I should have some pretty good guesses, right?

Here’s my list of what I thought the most searched for terms that drove people to my websites would be (excluding the website names):

1-“real estate”

2- “homes”

3- “homes for sale”

4- “”

5- “real estate for sale”

These are generic terms and not area specific. My top list of terms searched for in northern Utah, my market would be:

1- “salt lake real estate”

2- “Salt lake city real estate”

3- “real estate salt lake city, ut”

4- “utah homes”

5- “salt lake homes”

Both seem like fairly straight-forward lists, so how close am I?

PropBot says:

This is interesting because on thier site you basically just type in anything, like a search engine, so a lot o fpeople probably search for things like 3bd, 2 bth home in Tulsa. What’s really interesting is that a specific home is ranked #7.0

Escape Homes says the top terms on their site are:


According to HitWise, the top-searched real estate terms are:


A lot of people use search engines to type in domain names instead of putting the domain name into the address bar- just out of habit or for the spell-check or something.

RealtyTimes columnist Jordan Glogau did some reasearch and found:


This is some great research because it shows how people search in different categories. I would think more people would search for California then New York, with more people living there and so many more homes there.

And then for During the last 30 days here are the top search terms people typed into all search engines to find BlueRoof. Of course this is not a list of the top terms searched for- rather, it’s a list of the top keywords that people searched for and then were taken to BlueRoof- it’s still interesting to see which keywords have been used most frequently. I’m sure most sites have the top terms as being their site name, but the top search terms bringing people to are:


So, again many people use the search engines to type in domain names instead of the address bar. And if you take out the people who actually searched specifically for BlueRoof the top keywords would be:

1- homes for sale in Utah

2- salt lake city real estate

3- utah homes

4- real estate utah

5- homes for sale utah

6- real estate in utah

7- salt lake real estate

8- salt lake city homes

9- homes for sale in salt lake city

10- salt lake city homes for sale

So most people are searching for similar terms when coming to BlueRoof. When I look at my other website, which doesn’t have a brand name like BlueRoof does, the top terms for the last month are:


The main surprise to me is how few people actually searched for the keyword MLS. I would think many more people would. If anyone has any additional stats on keyword searches or on your own website acitivity (you don’t need to share numbers like I did) please share them or give a link where we can see them. 


9 thoughts on “Most Searched For Terms in Real Estate

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  2. Propbot searches don’t seem to fit with the others. That many people are searching for the exact phrase “16-100 units”?

    Greg thanks for sharing your stats so we can see actual results instead of lists generated by a production and marketing team like most companies present. I am curious, though. You say your other website doesn’t have a brand name like Blueroof does, but it looks like it has a lot of traffic- where does the traffic come from?

  3. John,
    Comment #1 is a link-back from another website to this post.

    Sorry to dissapoint- hopefully some people will find it interesting to read about web traffic.

    I agree, it does seem odd that they have so many people searching for “16-100 units” or for that one single address. My other website has been around for years and was really one of the first custom real estate search sites in Utah, so some of the traffic comes from word of mouth and such.

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  6. Reblogged this on Q-Town Consulting and commented:
    Interesting research regarding keyword usage by people looking for a home. Problem is…. other than people typing in your url, i.e., the top keywords are extremely generic. So now follow my logic here and tell me if you agree… Who can afford to pay and rank for these types of keywords? Answer: Companies that can afford to pay top dollar for paid search advertising on Google, etc. Those companies include the likes of, and The average agent will NOT be able to rank for the most common keywords–either with paid or organic search. So where are we supposed to advertise? Okay, well, lets pay to get our listings featured on or Problem with this is that these “portals” don’t sell advertising like Google. They have their own money-making business models that don’t really focus on what will help the Realtor. They sell “leads” based on specific zip codes…zip codes where your buyers are not coming from or want to buy a house in. They are also not zips where you necessarily have listings. So, what’s a local, Independent Realtor to do? I believe Realtors must spend some money on a user-friendly website, that is populated with original content and a database/search engine of all of your listings. Keep active on local social media so that the people in your sphere of influence know what you have available. Finally, support other Realtors! That’s right. You want to direct Realtors looking to find homes to show your listing or to give you a recommendation. Make sure your MLS listing is complete and accurate. Pay a respectable co-commission. Answer their calls promptly. Make your listings easy to show. Rather than fear other agents, help them. It’s an age-old, tried and true tactic in business! Try it and let me know what happens.

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