Inman News Interviews BlueRoof


Glenn Roberts of Inman News interviewed me recently for an article discussing company blogs, which was published today. Along with BlueRoof, the other company blogs included in the interview were HotPads, Zillow, Zip Realty, Sellsius, and The Real Estate Tomato.



Roberts also covered the launch of BlueRoof back at the beginning of August 2006 and has written a ton of great articles about the industry and where it’s heading.

Blogging gives a company, a group, or an individual a public voice. One of the great parts about blogging is the direct connect it has with readers, the communication and feedback. Blogging can change the way one thinks about their topics and why the blog in the first place. And blogs can be updated as often as the owner wants, so checking back with a favorite blog throughout the day you might find more than one new post.

I think it’s important to give blogs a personality and not stick with only factual postings. Most major blogs have their share of criticizing and opinions about new trends in the industry and that’s part of the attraction, or as Sellsius calls it Magnetism (the ability to bring people back). Even if that means some people don’t like it.

The legs of blog posts are probably the most amazing part of blogging to me. Check out the daily hit report on this post I wrote about Feng Shui.


As you can see it I wrote it back in August and when I first posted it there were a few people a day who found it, then it went unread for months until January and then this month it just began being read and is averaging between 6-8 searches per day. Not a top post, but it shows the legs a post can have.

The chart represents people who go directly to that post from a search engine or are linked from another blog, not total reads, so you really get an idea of how topics will have interest all-of-a-sudden and will cause people to search for them.

Other posts have similar trends…


Some are consistently sporadic…


Other have interest from something in the news- months after they’ve been written



You just never really know when a post is going to get attention- many times I’ll post about something and it gets read for a few days and then is forgotten…


but you never know when it will come back again.


5 thoughts on “Inman News Interviews BlueRoof

  1. Hey Greg,
    I noticed that you aren’t listed in Blog Top Sites ( I am not affiliated with them or anything, but it might boost your SEO rankings a bit for the term Utah Real Estate. The only two blogs listed at Blog top sites for that key phrase are: with a rank of #1 and with a rank of #2

    You can get a little widget from them that lists your ranking. If you get more than 100 unique visitors a day you would be ranked #1! I just recently lost my blog due to not backing up my site, so I am spending some time commenting on other peoples’ blogs…
    Anyways, I enjoy real estate news, keep up the good work.

  2. Nice interview Greg. Interesting that you’ve found your posts have become more factual and less opinion based… I’ve come from the other direction. When I started a year ago, I almost exclusively posted factual articles – most of which were just links to/rehashes of local news stories of interest. Call me a slow learner but it really did take me a while to realize that the personality and opinion on the blogs I read was what really made them uniquely interesting.

    I was just interviewed about real estate blogging by a local business news magazine here in Maine. My answers were very impromptu… I should have requested an email interview 😉 Which reminds me of yet another great thing about blogging, you are free to write, rewrite, and edit to your heart’s content.

  3. Franz,

    I still enjoy writing opinion pieces, but in the beginning I would write more like a diary, about my children and such. And it wasn’t really meant to be read. I wrote it figuring I’d put it out there into the universe or something.


    I’m flattered that you want to spend so much of your time watching and reading my blog, but you might want to get another hobby. And just FYI, our team has 16 homes under contract right now. In BlueRoof’s first 150 days we wrote 100 deals. We do actually do some business. And people actually like having extra services.

  4. Greg:

    Just because I disagree with 50% of your opinions doesnt mean you have a bad blog. I like your blog. I don’t like the website. To search for your listings is a real mess. The website looks like a BMW 7 Series, , drives like a Hyundai. Except for the part where you all speak of the advantages of Blue Roof- that part is hot. It should be more front and center from a marketing perspective. It’s one of the best things I have ever seen on any type of website- any industry, but it’s hidden a bit too much.

    Anyway, it has been fun to comapre your system versus my system, versus other systems, and it’s fun to see you go on the defensive when you are attacked about your brand.

    As for me getting a hobby, real estate is my life, my passion, my hobby, everything. It’s what I know, and while I will refrain from taking shots at your other opinions from now on (I will try), I can rest assured that I did everything to defend my brand.

    P.S.: All of those blog graphs prove that you are over the top on this stuff. Yikes.

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