LPR- Atlanta Home Builder with A Wonderful Site


I don’t know anything about the Atlanta home market or builders in the area. I don’t even know much of anything about LPR Homes, except they have a great website. If you enjoy seeing good design check it out. And if you are buying in the Atlanta area, you may want to start your search here.


This is what a website should be. It’s clean and simple to use. It has wonderful visuals and navigating is a breeze. They use good fonts and their copy is fun to read. The entire presentation is wonderful.


The layout of homes is simple and appealing. Each page has been designed for it’s visual appeal as well as its function.


The head of each page changes with great images and information. Simple and fun design with the either up or coming information that buyers want makes this one of the best builder sites I have seen.


4 thoughts on “LPR- Atlanta Home Builder with A Wonderful Site

  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that the above website is for sale (not the domain name or logo…just everything else). LPR Homes didn’t survive the mortgage lending crisis. I own the copyright to the site design and coding as as the original designer. If anyone is interested in purchasing this site and having me modify the website for their business, please contact me at:
    frank{at}drawingonthepromises.com or call me at 931.484.1171. I hate to see a site that I designed go to waste.

  2. Hi Frank,

    I really liked one of the houses they had for sale, do you know what company took over the houses that where build or do you have the plans to the model homes?



  3. Sorry Joe, I don’t. I think that it became Biggerstaff Homes for a while and then I completely lost touch with the owners.

  4. All new construction is built to Energy Star standards which include energy-efficient building techniques and features such as more effective

    insulation, high-performance windows, tight construction, more efficient heating and cooling equipment, and Energy Star rated lighting

    fixtures and appliances

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