Shooting from the hip blind-folded on subjects I know nothing about


I remember blogging a few years ago when nobody read blogs and I didn’t think anyone would ever read my blogs. I had a few blogs (most are no longer active) and now I really only post to this one. Back then I wrote about much more personal things.

And because this is my blog I write about things that I think about and have opinions about. I was interviewed a few days ago by Brad Inman about blogging and he asked me where I come up with the content for my posts.

 The content for my posts come from happenings in the industry, local interests and news, and my thoughts and opinions about whatever. The beauty of a blog, at least my blog, is that it is purposely not a politically-correct bore-fest of facts and promotion. It is opinion and open dialogue.

I moderate the comments very light-handedly. They are immediately posted and sent to me and I delete comments that are spam, personal attacks, and sometimes just because they are obnoxious.

I’ve had a lot of advice about how I should run my blog. Some say I should advertise on it, some say I should not allow any comments, many tell me that I should be PC and not give any opinions unless they are flattering, and many advise me to post about big things that searched for a lot and link to tons of people. Hearing advice and different opinions has been great. Some of it I agree with and some I don’t.

But I don’t apologize for the way I run my blog. I’m going to have people disagree with me and that is a good thing if it leads to honest dialogue and debate. I’ve had my opinions changed before and I know I’m not always right- in fact I’m wrong all the time and that’s something that I like about blogging.


There are a lot of people that read my blog from a distance. It’s interesting to me how many agents in the area read my blog but don’t leave comments (at least they don’t comment on the blog- I’m sure they comment about it to people they know). Agents quote lines to me and tell me about things they liked and I had no idea they followed my writing. Usually I had no idea they even knew what a blog was, let alone- they actually read mine. And I’m sure they are some of the “anonymous” comments, and that’s fine by me.

I do think that people should stand behind what they say and include their name, but some people have their reasons for staying anonymous and I’m okay with that. All I want is to further the conversations, get the dialogue out there and allow people to formulate their own opinions and give their two cents if they want. And when I’m wrong and make a fool of myself, that’s okay, too, because at least I’m out here shootin’ away and taking my best shots.

This post was inspired by my main protagonist, Mike Elliott.



8 thoughts on “Shooting from the hip blind-folded on subjects I know nothing about

  1. Blog are good when they are written from real (real people make mistakes and change) people offering fresh points of view …I can surf the news for everything else. Keep up the good blogging. 🙂

  2. Your blog is great. When is the best time for your clients to get to know you? IMO, before you meet. That way you don’t spend time with them if it’s not going to work. And they can move on to work with someone with whom they fee comfortable.

  3. Great post Greg. You are right on. Things could get pretty boring if we didn’t share any opinions. Let anyone who disagrees argue their point in the comments or on their own blog.

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