Top 200 Websites for Your Attention

compete.jpg gives us a new metric for measuring websites- attention. The Compete Attention 200 is a list of the top 200 websites for length of visits.

MySpace, YouTube, eBay- I understand how people spend a long amount of time on these sites, but what are people doing on paypal that takes so long? is the only real estate site on the list at #66- most of that time is spent trying to figure out how to find the addresses of properties and/or contact info for the listing agents, which, of course, doesn’t appear unless the agents pay for it- and obviously most don’t.


Hat Tip to Seth Godin


3 thoughts on “Top 200 Websites for Your Attention

  1. This blog post by Seth Godin may be of interest …

    Meaningless to two decimal places

    The Compete Attention 200™ is a ranking of 200 sites based on time spent. UPS, for example, ranks way higher than Fedex, and MySpace is number one.

    This is just silly.

    Any website that attempts to improve time spent on every page (or pageviews for that matter) is just wasting time. What matters is intent. Permission. Action. Retention. Likelihood that ideas get spread. Clickthroughs.

    Just because we can measure it doesn’t mean it’s important. Anyone want to buy stock in the

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