Measuring Distances with your Camera


iPhotoMEASURE is a software tool that enables you to measure anything in a photo taken with your digital camera.

From their site: iPhotoMEASURE delivers an innovative dimension to accurate and efficient measurement. By simply taking a picture with your camera, you collect all the measurements you need. There is no need for a helper to hold the other end of the measuring tape or take risks on a ladder measuring out of reach areas.  Bring measurements to your computer in a picture.  iPhotoMEASURE software enables you to measure everything you need for quoting, evaluation and appraisal – plus – the measurements are permanently archived for reference. Above and beyond accuracy and convenience is the power of Remote Measurement provided by iPhotoMEASURE. Simply have your customers or associates e-mail you photos of the project, and save critical time and money by not having to go on-site yourself.

iphotophoto.png iphotophoto1.png

See a video tour of the product HERE. This is a great way to send info to prospective buyers who are out of town and want to know more about the dimensions of certain rooms. (H/T Appraisal Scoop)


3 thoughts on “Measuring Distances with your Camera

  1. Wonder how this works? As any photographer knows the wider angle the lens the large something will appear. A telephoto lens is used to bring things in closer and to compress. Surely they accounted for this. I’m just curious as to how.

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  3. This is interesting. Does this account to distortions on some parts of the photograph? What is the percent error with regards to the measurements?

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