Surrounded by A–holes?


Guy Kawasaki has posted the Asshole Rating Self-Exam (ARSE), created by Bob Sutton from Electric Pulp, at his blog. Sure, many people are, but until they take the exam, they aren’t certified.



5 thoughts on “Surrounded by A–holes?


    I bought a home in a new development in Mapleton called Harvest Park. There web address is My town home is yet to be finished and I closed seven months ago in July of 2006. The builder, Brandon Dubois of Dubois Construction promised to complete it at least 12 times and he has not. I have several items missing. A missing medicine cabinet, an unpainted ceiling, broken jets on a tub, etc. I am not the only one, check with the other residents in Harvest Park. They have many more complaints than I do. Every person has a problem–ask the Bishop of Mapleton 4th ward. The people in charge of the development are clueless. Everything is moving so slowly. I am so pissed that I put my home up for sale. It is a risk to bash my investment, but gullible Utah investors will still put out money for this award winning Harvest Park. But verily I say unto you, it should be named HARVEST HOAX!!!!!!!!!!! And they should win an award for stupidity and bad business sense. Contact me if you want any information and I will give you the truth…

    All issues have been rectified, and I wish to put this in the past.

  2. Joe…
    I understand your need to vent. I have known a lot of people who have had difficulties building their new homes. However I feel compelled to say I think you’ve taken it a little too far. You seem to be bashing this guy under the guise of being a religious fellow. And the builder attends this same church as you, right? How hard that must be for him to feel comfortable there now that you’ve taken this road. My question is, what are you doing rounding up everyone in your church, including your bishop, trash talking him? Doesn’t seem like a very righteous act. I don’t know much about your religion, but what I do know is the LDS church members pride themselves on being kind unto others and living “the golden rule”. I’m not sure you really thought this through before you put your builder’s name in such bad context where anyone can see it on the internet. Granted I don’t know this guy, or you for that matter, but I felt a need to defend him since he most likely has his own side to the story. Who knows, you might have been an incredibly difficult person to work with, or some of the things that happened in your community could have been totally out of his control. Whatever the situation is though, I think you should give the guy a break and take a look at yourself and your own need to trash talk someone at the expense of their reputation, or hurt you could cause him and his family. Just a thought.

  3. The purpose of this post is to clarify statements that were made with my earlier posts. I need to distinguish between Brandon Dubois of Dubois Construction and the Harvest Park developers.

    Brandon Dubois is the builder of my town home. He has emailed me and personally contacted me to rectify the issues. Those issues have been resolved. He has completed my punch list and has offered to complete additional services that are free of charge. For example, he has offered to increase the size of my back porch at no expense. He is even actively helping me sell my town home.

    However, the posts contained additional complaints about the Harvest Park developers. The developers are a separate entity from Brandon Dubois and Dubois Construction. Many of the issues we face are being confronted by the Harvest Park developers. I and several of my neighbors currently have no landscaping in the front or side of our homes. My landscaping was supposed to be completed over a year ago. There are several covenants from the HOA that are not being enforced. There are delays and more delays. Nonetheless, the Harvest Park developers of Mapleton, Utah have met with the residents of Harvest Park and are addressing the issues (slowly). Things are supposed to pick up, especially after the July 16th groundbreaking for the 7-acre park and the unique pavilion. If you have any questions, contact me at

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