Pimping Your Blog


Blogs are hitting the mainstream. Even in the real estate arena, people are learning about them and are beginning to actively participate in the activity. In five years from now I suspect most real estate professionals will blog in some form, either on their own site, or by contributing to other blogs, which seems to be the new thing.

As blogs grow and gain readership and popularity, many begin to grow in other ways. I am speaking of the vertical growth of these blogs- the expansion of their mission. In plain and simple terms- bloggers are putting a bunch of crap all over the pages to make money and get more interest from the posts of their contributors.

Widgets and plugins have become ubiquitous. Sometimes they are used in good taste and sometimes they run amok. Ads for pens and books, new product announcements, chat room boxes, and award declarations steal the covers from actual content.

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the navigation on blogs because of all the noise. So the question arises, “Where does it end?” Or does it? Maybe some blogs will become like those collages high school girls make where the sentences are all made from various magazine clippings in myriad sizes, colors and fonts. And each block of letters could be another ad for something or contributor’s entry.

And the worst part of all of this? I don’t know how to pimp my own blog so I have to sit in frustrated admiration of all the others…


6 thoughts on “Pimping Your Blog

  1. Great post. I constantly am walking the line between content, fun and not too much promotion. On the other hand, I want available what I talk about…I certainly don’t know the answer. I just keep posting.

  2. Good post. Yes, I actually read recently that more and more agents will use blogs to advertise, and there will be fewer listings in the newspapers. As real estate quickly takes over the Internet, and buyers are given the empowerment to make balanced decisions without help from an agent, it becomes imperative for agents to become Internet savvy.

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