Lehi Soon to Have Utah’s Tallest Building


Frank Gehry, the Pritzker Prize winning architect, will soon be adding a new splash to Lehi, Utah as he designs an 85-acre mixed-use project  that will feature the state’s tallest building.

The 45-story, five star hotel and convention center will be 220,000 square feet, stand at 450 feet, and will have an estimated 300 rooms.

The project will also include a 500,000-square-foot, 10,000-seat arena, an amphitheater, 2,500 condo and multi-floor residential units, and 1.12 million square feet of retail space. Not to mention a boating lake, a wakeboard cable water park and 61 acres of open space.

“We have some of the world’s greatest natural architecture in Utah. Our buildings will reflect that. Along the walkways, we will have buildings hovering over the water or recess back to reflect the canyons’ structure,” said Brandt Anderson, a Provo-based entrepreneur who is funding the project. “As you look at the development, the first thing that strikes you is the openness of it. The majority of parking will be underground in order to leave more than 70 percent of space open.”

“This is a very unique site,” Andersen said. “And as an iconic piece of property between Salt Lake County and Utah County, it was crucial that we create, and bring in someone who could help us create, a development that would stand as an icon for the state, and particularly for Lehi city. In thinking that, there was obviously no other choice than world-famous Frank Gehry.”

Anderson, who was born in Florida and later attended BYU, founded bank-software business uSight eight years ago, when he was 21 years old. In 2004 Inc. magazine named it America’s #2 company. In 2005 Anderson founder investment company G Code Ventures, which is the investment company behind the Lehi project. Anderson also has pruchased a team in the NBA’s developmental league (name not yet announced), which will eventually play games in the new arena being built as part of the project.

The new project is the latest in a recent-year boom of growth Lehi and the point-of-the-mountain area of Lehi and Draper. Draper will soon have the areas first and only IKEA, which is slated to open this spring.

“We have Thanksgiving Point, Cabela’s, Micron, the Terrace at Traverse Mountain that’s literally a city in itself with 30,000 to 40,000 people, a possible lifestyle center and now, this, a Frank Gehry-designed project. This is the last major location to grow along the Wasatch Front,” Lehi Mayor Howard Johnson said.

Anderson is also trying to get an additional freeway exit added about a mile north of the SR 92 (Highland/Alpine) exit to help ease traffic in the area.


18 thoughts on “Lehi Soon to Have Utah’s Tallest Building

  1. It’s nice that we’re finally getting a “tall” building,” but why, oh why does it have to be built in the hick town of Lehi? It would bring the hoped for “world-class” feel to downtown Salt Lake and improve the skyline to rival Portland, Denver, San Antonio, Nashville, New Orleans, Memphis… I love tall buildings, but not in Lehi!

  2. I might Have been cheaper to put it there. I also agree with some of the things that others have said. I mean, Lehi is getting everything now. Micron, Cabelas, Costco, Tall buiding, all right in the middle of nowhere.

  3. What I find amazing, is Lehi’s ability to take credit for everything. They brag that they received Micron, Cabelas and now this. They never mention that they faught tooth and nail to keep Traverse Mountain from being built. (That is why they have their own utilities.)

    Lehi just happens to have the most open land, since no one would ever build there – until now that there is so little wide open usable space.

    Why do you think that WalMart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Kohls, Target, PetsMart, Cafe Rio, Cinemark, Several Banks, iHop and the other 200 stores are just outside the border of Lehi?

    The proof is there, Lehi sucks – and is run by crooks.

  4. I hope I’m not the only person to see the irony of a town ,bearing the name of an ancient prophet known for seeing in a God inspired vision a “great and spacious building,” to now be set up as the future home for Utah’s tallest building.

    “and the fall thereof was exceedingly great”

  5. I have mixed feelings on this. first of all I think the project sounds awesome!! I would much rather see the building in downtown Salt Lake so we could add to our skyline and look more like a “big city.” However, it seems as though the boating lake, arena etc. would take up room downtown Salt Lake doesn’t have. Next I hope someone would put a big building downtown though. We need more identity as a state, and we need more professional sports teams to put Utah on the map.

  6. I agree we need to get some taller buildings in SLC so it doesn’t look so small, add that to the lehi project which I think is way cool and utah will be lookin good.

  7. Like most of the other people I wish the buildings would be built in downtown Salt Lake. I think they’re building it in Lehi so it will become a big city and not a boring eyesore.

  8. Being built right in front of a world famous hang gliding and paragliding park, which is a natural amazing phenomenon with the way winds blow naturally in the Salt Lake/Provo valleys. This is certain to mess that up. Thanks a lot a-holes.

  9. Someone needs to wrest control of the property the moron church owns in downtown and than developers could build as tall as they want they really need more real tall bldngs on state street to match main street. Also slc suburbs need more and taller office bldngs!

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