Most Viewed on Last Week

         This fixer in Tooele was the most-viewed property on BlueRoof last week, with 115 people viewing the property details page. Easy to see why it got so much attention, with an all-brick exterior and charming roof-line. The home has almost 1700 square feet, 3 bedrooms and a full bath. It also sits on .30 acres of land and has a 1 car garage and 1 car carport. It has been under contract four times with the sale failing, so you might want to make sure you’re pre-approved before writing an offer. The property is listed with Melody Waltke (435-843-7282) and  … Continue reading Most Viewed on Last Week

How Loyal is Your Realtor?

CNNMoney recently published an article discussing incentives given to buyer’s agents and where their loyalties lie when commissions vary dramatically selling one house over another. “It’s tough to be objective when the reward for selling one house is much greater than the rest,” says one agent. This problem is much worse in certain markets and here’s why; Take a market like Vegas or many of the California markets where prices during the last few years just skyrocketed because of investor speculation and home recycling, or “flipping”. You buy six homes in one neighborhood for $200,000 and remodel them and then … Continue reading How Loyal is Your Realtor?

Most Searched For Terms in Real Estate

             When it comes to real estate in America, what do people search for? Before I began writing this I made a list of my own to see just how close I could nail it. I mean, after all, I’m a real estate vet with years of experience and I run a couple of the most-visited real estate web sites in Utah, so I should have some pretty good guesses, right? Here’s my list of what I thought the most searched for terms that drove people to my websites would be (excluding the website names): 1-“real estate” 2- “homes” … Continue reading Most Searched For Terms in Real Estate

Local Blogging Classes

            Local blogger Newspapergrl will be teaching two classes on blogging soon. If you are local and are wanting to get into blogging you could do much worse than learning from Janet, she’s an accomplished blogger. Introduction to Blogging – Learn How to Blog Wednesday, March 7, 2007 7pm-8pm Cherishing Place (a private home) 272 South 540 East Lehi, Utah Wednesday, March 14, 2007 7pm-8pm LDS Employment Center by Deseret Industries 437 South 500 East American Fork, Utah There is room for up to 30 people at the American Fork class and 15 at Cherishing Place. Contact Janet to … Continue reading Local Blogging Classes

Homes Getting Greener

       More than 300 building professionals gathered Wednesday at the second annual Salt Lake Sustainable Building Conference, along with Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon. They discussed new advances in technology and the implementation of green processes and materials. Green building incorporates everything from using recycled materials and natural lighting to solar panels and wind-generated power and drought-tolerant landscaping in new construction. Tree House Joe Prudden, Architect According to Dream Green Homes, this home could be close to a “zero energy home” by being designed for passive solar heating and passive cooling. Earth-Sheltered Atrium Home … Continue reading Homes Getting Greener

Inman News Interviews BlueRoof

       Glenn Roberts of Inman News interviewed me recently for an article discussing company blogs, which was published today. Along with BlueRoof, the other company blogs included in the interview were HotPads, Zillow, Zip Realty, Sellsius, and The Real Estate Tomato. Roberts also covered the launch of BlueRoof back at the beginning of August 2006 and has written a ton of great articles about the industry and where it’s heading. Blogging gives a company, a group, or an individual a public voice. One of the great parts about blogging is the direct connect it has with readers, the communication and … Continue reading Inman News Interviews BlueRoof

LPR- Atlanta Home Builder with A Wonderful Site

  I don’t know anything about the Atlanta home market or builders in the area. I don’t even know much of anything about LPR Homes, except they have a great website. If you enjoy seeing good design check it out. And if you are buying in the Atlanta area, you may want to start your search here. This is what a website should be. It’s clean and simple to use. It has wonderful visuals and navigating is a breeze. They use good fonts and their copy is fun to read. The entire presentation is wonderful. The layout of homes is … Continue reading LPR- Atlanta Home Builder with A Wonderful Site

Shooting from the hip blind-folded on subjects I know nothing about

          I remember blogging a few years ago when nobody read blogs and I didn’t think anyone would ever read my blogs. I had a few blogs (most are no longer active) and now I really only post to this one. Back then I wrote about much more personal things. And because this is my blog I write about things that I think about and have opinions about. I was interviewed a few days ago by Brad Inman about blogging and he asked me where I come up with the content for my posts.  The content for my posts come … Continue reading Shooting from the hip blind-folded on subjects I know nothing about

Home Seller Guarantees

      Question: How can an agent guarantee that your home will be sold in a certain amount of time? Hint: It has something to do with price.                We’ve all seen the ads on billboards and in magazines, on bus benches and in the newspaper. Real estate agents who will guarantee to sell your home in __ days or they will (SELL IT FREE/Pay You Money/Buy It)!! So how can an agent gurantee that the home will sell? Well, let’s think about this. If you are an agent and you sign a written guarantee with a home seller … Continue reading Home Seller Guarantees

Salt Lake Real Estate Appreciation Rate- 2nd in Nation

Thursday NAR released it’s report showing appreciation rates across the country. Many markets are down from their record highs this last summer. and many markets are still strong- showing again how real estate is very local. National trends do not always apply, and sometimes have no bearing whatsoever with a local market. Salt Lake ranked as the #2 real estate market in the country for price growth in the 4th quarter of 2006 behind only Atlantic City. Prices in the area have increased, on average, from $182,000 to over $223,000 in just one year. Top Ten markets (Chart from CNNMoney) That … Continue reading Salt Lake Real Estate Appreciation Rate- 2nd in Nation

Top 200 Websites for Your Attention gives us a new metric for measuring websites- attention. The Compete Attention 200 is a list of the top 200 websites for length of visits. MySpace, YouTube, eBay- I understand how people spend a long amount of time on these sites, but what are people doing on paypal that takes so long? is the only real estate site on the list at #66- most of that time is spent trying to figure out how to find the addresses of properties and/or contact info for the listing agents, which, of course, doesn’t appear unless the agents pay for it- … Continue reading Top 200 Websites for Your Attention

Happy Love Day

      What a wonderful day to take inventory of all the love we are surrounded with. Some people look at Valentine’s Day as a superfluous holiday, not to be confused with the real holidays. Well, when you are truly in love, this is a great day. Not only is this a perfect excuse to pamper your precious other, but it’s fun to see the kids make their little Valentine boxes for school where they can give and receive little notes from everyone in the class, with candy, of course.         So, what to get that special someone for Valentine’s … Continue reading Happy Love Day

Measuring Distances with your Camera

iPhotoMEASURE is a software tool that enables you to measure anything in a photo taken with your digital camera. From their site: iPhotoMEASURE delivers an innovative dimension to accurate and efficient measurement. By simply taking a picture with your camera, you collect all the measurements you need. There is no need for a helper to hold the other end of the measuring tape or take risks on a ladder measuring out of reach areas.  Bring measurements to your computer in a picture.  iPhotoMEASURE software enables you to measure everything you need for quoting, evaluation and appraisal – plus – the measurements … Continue reading Measuring Distances with your Camera

Pimping Your Blog

     Blogs are hitting the mainstream. Even in the real estate arena, people are learning about them and are beginning to actively participate in the activity. In five years from now I suspect most real estate professionals will blog in some form, either on their own site, or by contributing to other blogs, which seems to be the new thing. As blogs grow and gain readership and popularity, many begin to grow in other ways. I am speaking of the vertical growth of these blogs- the expansion of their mission. In plain and simple terms- bloggers are putting a … Continue reading Pimping Your Blog

January Website Traffic is Strong

   Even in the colder months of winter, the Salt Lake real estate market, historically seeing a seasonal slowdown, has continued to see good growth and appreciation. The local market tends to cool off with the weather and January and February are traditionally the slowest months of the year for sales in the area, but this year the market seems unusually strong. Our websites have seen very strong traffic in January and the first part of February, with people staying on the sites longer and doing more searches.       After the holidays and new year, more people began searching online. … Continue reading January Website Traffic is Strong

Where Realtors Really Make Their Money

             Being in the real estate industry for over a decade I’m aware that the general image of real estate agents could be much better. Especially now, with all the people who have jumped into the business in recent years, with its low barrier to entry and all the tape peddlers “self-made millionaires” on the television and radio infomercials. Historically the real estate professional has ranked in polls somewhere in the middle of the pack when it comes to professional trust and integrity from the public. Poll Question: Please tell me how you would rate the honesty and ethical standards of people … Continue reading Where Realtors Really Make Their Money

Lehi Soon to Have Utah’s Tallest Building

              Frank Gehry, the Pritzker Prize winning architect, will soon be adding a new splash to Lehi, Utah as he designs an 85-acre mixed-use project  that will feature the state’s tallest building. The 45-story, five star hotel and convention center will be 220,000 square feet, stand at 450 feet, and will have an estimated 300 rooms. The project will also include a 500,000-square-foot, 10,000-seat arena, an amphitheater, 2,500 condo and multi-floor residential units, and 1.12 million square feet of retail space. Not to mention a boating lake, a wakeboard cable water park and 61 acres of open space. “We have some of the … Continue reading Lehi Soon to Have Utah’s Tallest Building