Zillow Not Accurate in Utah, Other Non-Disclosure States


Zillow’s estimates fluctuate between being not-bad to being way-off and different areas have very different accuracy rates. States that are non-disclosure, such as Utah, cause a challenge for Zillow because the main source of information for their website is the county records and in Utah they aren’t able to get much information and even worse, sometimes they get innaccurate information.



I like what they are doing and I think it’s great for the consumer to have another point of information, but it’s important to know that a Zillow estimate, by their own admission, is only a starting point from which a home-owner can begin to get an idea of what a home is worth.

I have had buyers tell me about what Zillow said the value of different properties we’re looking at are and I have to remind them that a true market analysis of the home may show a completely different picture because it is accurate, based on local conditions and sales, and prepared by me, an experienced Realtor and not a computer program.


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