BlueRoof + Sellsius =


A photo- op apparently. 

And I still can’t figure out to get that cool little degree symbol at the end of their logo. So Rudy comes in town to ski in Park City over holidays and we get a drink. And he tells me about Sellsius (degree symbol) and shares some of the company’s history, which is interesting.

So we all got the Meme that was passed around a couple weeks ago but this is my reverse meme

Five things you don’t know about Rudy Bachraty III at Sellsius (degree symbol)

1- Rudy hasn’t worked in a year

Dude must be loaded- can you imagine taking a year off? I can hardly manage five days at a time for a vacation. A full year would be… well, I dunno what it would be- but Rudy does.

2- Rudy actually knows how to make little symbols in text

It’s like putting emoticons into his blogs and emails. Even in personal emails there it is- that cool little degree symbol at the end of the company name. When I asked Rudy about this he had an answer about how to do it rather than say what I would said, “I have no idea, my web guys put it there.”

3- Sellsius has some pretty cool marketing materials ready to go

And I’m not just talking about the shirts (thanks by the way). The promotional items he left with me looked pretty good until I got home and realized that it opened up even more and the gloss and print was great- and then it hit me- they’re actually serious about this company thing they’re doing. And his wife designed the marketing so they’ve got access to a great designer who probably cares about doing a good job for them (and may push him to get to work sometime this year).

4- Rudy is a pretty cool guy

Once you get past the fact that he is about seven feet tall (maybe 6’5) which is taller than me, you realize that he’s a down-to-earth guy that’s fun to hang out with. We’ve all been to conventions and got into a conversation with someone and wished for an emergency reason to leave. And with the internet you never really know how socially adept someone is going to be because some people can hide behind cleverly thought out text and their studied and spell-checked blog posts but can’t hold your interest for five minutes. Rudy’s a fun guy to get a drink with and he seems like he really cares about what he’s doing, and I don’t just mean he cares about not working all year (he probably cares about that, too), he cares about promoting other people. He wants to be the voice of promotion for anyone who needs/wants/deserves it.

5- He knows how to work a meeting

He brings me a bag of gifts (good first impression), remembers things about me from my blog (does homework or has good memory), chats it up (not socially retarded), remembers to bring a camera (I always forget), clears the drinks off the tables for the picture (there were many) so we don’t look like drunks, and then remembers to blog about the experience right afterward (he has nothing else to do all day).

Sellsius (degree symbol) was already one of my favorite blogs and now I like and respect them even more. Their business model seems like a good idea and the marketing I’ve seen looks great so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them on the cover of Realtor magazine soon, either for establishing the blog and company, or for showing how long people can actually go without working, which would totally appeal to the Realtor crowd.


14 thoughts on “BlueRoof + Sellsius =

  1. I’ve been noticing fellow bloggers from all over getting a chance to meet in person and it always sounds like a great experience. Just as it was for me last year meeting up with Greg Swann and Cathleen Collins from Bloodhound, and Dustin Luther from RCG at the NAR convention.

    Plenty of great folks, plenty that I hope I’ll get a chance to meet as well some day.

  2. It would be easier Todd if you ever left Kingman! Sorry I missed you last weekend when you were in Vegas. I hope you had a great NYE. Not to overlook the post…I really like this candid interview-recap-format. I think it’s the informal nature of the story telling that becomes so valuable and interesting to us, the readers. Thanks for the great piece. I really enjoy your blog.

  3. greg- wow! what a meme!

    we sure had a good time didn’t we? does this mean that I have to do a reverse meme on you? not sure that I can, it would be too x-rated for the blog 😉

    i have not worked as a real estate broker this past year because i’ve been focussed on building our website, promoting the sellsius° brand and blogging. let me tell you, this is hard work for sure but also a lot of fun. i’m independently poor:) actually, i’ve been able to make pocket change and stay afloat in other ways.

    i really loved being a broker but my passion for helping others become more successful is what sellsius° is all about. and that’s the bottom line.

    we appreciate your support and look forward to you being one of our founding members.

    stay well.


    p.s. here is how you add the degree° sign:

    On Windows computers: ALT + 0176
    On a Mac it’s ALT( OPTION) + SHIFT + 8

  4. Rudy- you don’t need to give away your secret to the symbol- it gives you mystery (at least for people like me who can’t do it).

    I know you’re working on your site but that doesn’t sound as fun as saying you’re just off playing…

    I think it’s great to actually meet in person so you can put a face and personality (or lack thereof) to the person. 2007 might be the year of the internet buddies!

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  6. Great post, thanks for the insight on Rudy.

    I had the pleasure of meeting several Phoenix area bloggers today. But I’m no Rudy, so don’t expect to see it up on my blog today.

    And I forgot the damn camera too…

  7. You see ? We don’t always think to bring the camera and a gift and do it the right way, so Rudy is a good example because it can make a big difference in the impression we leave. Way to go Rudy!

  8. Great post, Greg…

    But I knew Rudy hasn’t taken a year off – I read his blog.

    The time it takes to put something like THAT together is not part-time, that’s for sure…. even with Joe helping.

    … and I’m sure you don’t get much sleep, either… 😆

  9. The year of the internet buddies…that’s cool. And thanks for listing out how to work a meeting, a camera wouldn’t have occured for a long time. Awesome to mention the wife too. They obviously make a great team.

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  12. Hey Greg,

    I love the way you chose specific words in your list of five above, and linked them to related, interesting, (and funny) topics on outside website. The Wiki on Fonzie was creatively funny!

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