Specialists Benefit Real Estate Consumer


Most of my career in real estate has been on the listing side. I usually have gotten my business from for-sale-by-owner’s (FSBO). I call them and ask if they would like help selling their home and then follow up with them (sometimes for months and months) until they become frustrated enough trying to sell on their own that they’ll list with me. Most agents don’t enjoy working FSBO’s because it’s tough emotionally, but most agents do prefer to work with sellers because it generally takes less time. And I’ve done well helping people sell.

And I’ve worked with buyers also, usually a couple at a time, showing homes in between my listing appointments. But I always worked whatever leads I could find, whether they were buyers or sellers or both- I would, as most agents do, take the business wherever I could get it. Nothing wrong with that…

But now I’m working exclusively with buyers and referring all of my selling clients to a listing specialist (Tom) on our team. And I believe our clients are better off for it. Tom works exclusively with sellers and so he can focus on them and make sure they are taken care of. He is not driving around showing homes, which takes a lot of time. He spends all of his time working to sell the homes we have listed, writing and re-writing the ads, tracking the traffic and showings and getting feedback on the showings, discussing the market and strategy with the sellers, and showing the homes he has listed. Since most of our clients come to us from our website, he doesn’t need to spend all day prospecting for new business, which is where most agents spend the majority of their time. He is listing more homes than most agents but also is much more available to his sellers than most agents.

More time for sellers= good.

And because I am only working with buyers I can also specialize and spend all of my time with them. One of the benefits for me has been that I can be readily available to my buyers and spend as much time with them as they need. And because I’m not spending my time trying to get listings I can dedicate more of my time to assisting my clients finding a home.

More time for buyers= good.

Moving can be a frustrating experience, but finding a new home can be fun if you have the right help. Some people spend days, weeks and months driving around looking for homes or going through newspaper ads or out-dated magazines trying to find a good home. That would frustrate me, plus that way you never really get to see all the homes available.

When I help people find a home I search for homes with them and try to show them homes they are going to want to see. Instead of spending days driving around looking through homes they won’t like and becoming frustrated, they can spend their time having some fun shopping for homes they will like to look at. I search for homes, find homes, schedule the showings and coordinate the routes. I drive them or they can follow me if they prefer, and I show them through all the homes. And then of course I pull comparables, help write and present the offer and coordinate everything all the way through closing and the best part is I am paid by the listing agent so the buyer doesn’t have to pay me anything for all of my services.

It’s good to specialize in certain areas of town or cities so we can know them really well. Many agents spend time specialize in geographic areas, but few specialize in buyers or sellers also. By focusing on buyers I can give them the very best service and attention, and that’s good for everyone.


One thought on “Specialists Benefit Real Estate Consumer

  1. I agree with you completely! On our team, myself and 3 other agents are buyer specialists. We also have two listing specialists and two listing coordinators that back them up. The system is definitely not the norm, but works very well for us and our clients.

    Many clients ask why we do this and we explain to them that the mentality behind buying is different than selling. And the transactions have their separate quirks and angles. To have a specialist for each transaction is better in the grand scheme of things.

    Though buyer agency has been around for 12 years now, few consumers in the Northern Virginia area have heard of it. And even fewer have run across an agent that specializes in just one side such as yourself or the agents on our team.

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