Pass the MEME

Drew Meyers memed me today. I had never heard of a meme, and for those of you who don’t know what it is, according to Drew’s blog here’s the definition:

It’s a thoughtstream carried from one person to another, or, to be more precise, a “unit of cultural information transferable from one mind to the other,” so says Wikipedia. Basically, it’s the blogging equivalent of a chain letter. The cool thing about blogging is that the meme can be tracked. Entire websites are devoted to doing just that. Some memes, however, are deliberate…sort of a social game to build community and engender relationships.

KIND of a cool idea getting different people’s posts about the same topic.

The topic of the meme is “Five Things You don’t Know About Me”

1- In fourth grade I lost the school spelling bee by misspelling the word beautiful. Afterward I went home and wrote the word over and over hundreds of times and to this day I still remember that loss whenever I write the word.

2- My beautiful wife and I were married in the Bahamas.

3- I have a fractured wrist as a result of golfing. I went golfing with a couple friends and my business partner, Mike, was driving our cart and we were messing around and we rolled the cart going down a steep turn, which threw me out and into the railing just in time for the cart to roll on top of me. From now on I’m only playing chess with Mike.

4- My favorite drink is Jack-and-Coke

5- I love the rain

Thanks for the invite Drew-

I’ll be inviting Joseph and Rudolph from Sellsius Blog– Tag- You’re it!


6 thoughts on “Pass the MEME

  1. Greg-
    Thanks for participating. Two things:
    1)Being from Seattle, I have no choice but to love the rain
    2)Don’t know how you love jack….I’m a huge rum and coke fan though

    Keep up the great blog!!

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