What Do Home Sellers Want?


I have taken hundreds of listings in my fourteen years in the business. And I’ve sold my own homes so I have been the home seller myself. I’ve had successes and failures and through the years I’ve tried to gain a better understanding of the consumer and see the trends.

But one thing I have learned is that home sellers don’t really care about price, they care about value. And I include myself in this assessment.

See, lately I have been focusing on price (commission), and we’ve taken a good amount of listings (70 in the 150 days since we launched BlueRoof.com) but most sellers are focused on something else. Sure, they would like a lower commission, but I think what they really want is security. To know that their home will be sold quickly and for top dollar.

We all make decisions based on emotion, whether we realize this on a conscience level or not. When I go through the drive-through at Wendy’s I’m buying food that will make me feel good- some food maybe makes me feel healthy or comfortable or happy or full. When we buy a car we are looking for something that will make us feel safe, important, frugal, excited, etc. And when we decide to work with someone we make that decision based on how we feel about them. They are aggressive, laid-back, sharp-minded,  easy-going, tall, beautiful, successful, eager, or whatever else we are looking for. But on some level they are someone we feel good about.

Some people want to work with someone who cares about their home and will protect it. Some people want their privacy and don’t want to be inconvinienced. Some want every penny they can get and others want to sell very quickly- and of course most people want a variety of these things. So if they meet someone who they feel will accomplish their goals and take care of them, they will want to work with that person. As an agent, we simply need to find those people who want to work with us.


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